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How To Relieve Stress Health

How To Relieve Stress

What do we feel during stress, how dangerous it is, how to relax in a matter of minutes if you have a hard day? If you are stressed at work and have a busy day, here are five easy ways to relieve stress: Delicious dinner Do not be tempted to stop by fast food or […]

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Alcohol Consumption And Accidents Health

Alcohol Consumption And Accidents

Alcohol consumption is the cause of a large number of road, work and other accidents. Alcohol intoxication is a powerful factor in causing car accidents, injuries or crime, domestic violence, falls and poisonings. In the United State and United kingdom number of road accidents related to the consumption of alcoholic beverages was 216.1 per 100,000 […]

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Harmful Effects Of Alcohol Health

The Harmful Effects Of Alcohol

Dangerous alcohol consumption is defined as the level or manner of consumption that is likely to lead to harm if drinking habits persist. Harmful alcohol consumption is defined as the form of consumption that is associated with damage to health, either organic (such as cirrhosis of the liver) or mental (such as secondary depression following […]

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Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Health

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

About detox The procedure of the detoxifications carried out under conditions of hospital service after identification of the substance (rapid test for the level of alcohol in the blood and drugs of narcotic drugs) which has caused habituation and poisoning of the organism. This step is mandatory for any type of subsequent treatment. There are […]

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Drug Treatments Health

The Different Drug Treatments

Drug treatments for melanoma have evolved in recent years. New drugs are now available; others are under development (in clinical trials) and will be available in the months and years to come. Currently, several types of drugs are used to treat melanoma of the skin: molecules of immunotherapy, targeted therapies and classical chemotherapy. These treatments […]

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Alcohol Addiction Health

Alcohol Addiction, How To Assess It And Get Out Of It

Do you like to drink and you think your drinking is getting too frequent? Are you wondering if you are not becoming addicted? The Care medical team will explain to you how to recognize an addiction to alcohol and what to do if you are. What is alcohol addiction? Do you like having a drink […]

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Alcohol Addiction Treatments Health

Alcohol Addiction Treatments

Chronic alcoholism medico psycho social care Addiction rarely occurs before the age of 25-30. It is therefore more a question of misuse, often linked to psycho-social factors and which is generally part of a general malaise, hence the creation of consultations dedicated to “young consumers” which are more suited to young adults. . If the […]

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Alcohol Addiction Health

Alcohol Addiction

“Excessive” or “problematic” consumption does not mean “addiction”. Indeed, dependence is to be distinguished from severe misuse. It is not linked to a rate of consumption. It becomes reality when one can no longer refrain from not consuming alcohol. 1.5 to 2 million people are alcohol-dependent in USA and women account for about a quarter. […]

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Air Filter General

Tips to Choose the Air Filter of Finest Quality

After making your dream home, one wants everything in it according to his choice and personality starting from the furniture to the wall hangings, all makes your house not less than a Kings Palace.There is nothing one would not do to make his house beautiful and it’s in thenature of man to love beauty and […]

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Log Cabin Home Improvment

Tips for Stripping Paint from Log Cabin

Stripping paint from log cabin is not that tough of a job. The commercial paint strippers help in restoring the wood and accessories to nearly its original condition. These commercial paint and varnish strippers are available in various formulations. If you get confused which one to use for your piece, then consult the label of […]

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