18 Preventive Steps to Save Water Damage

18 Preventive Steps to Save Water Damage

Water damages occur every year in many houses, but the number of cases can be reduced if you take a few preventive steps in this regard.

  1. For cleaning, do not use abrasives that can damage the pipes.
  2. For efficient maintenance, let the water run for a few minutes once a week and it is best if water is hot.
  3. Unclog drains at the first signs of obstruction.
  4. Ventilate your home early in the morning to avoid condensation problems.
  5. Protect filters of the sink and bathtub and do not use the toilet and sink as a garbage can, depositing food scraps, cartons, cigarette buffs, etc.
  6. Install a strainer in the sink drain and do not leave in it dishes or containers with leftovers.
  7. Periodically check the joints of tiled bathroom. If they are not watertight, apply silicone as it prevents moisture.
  8. Do not let the waste enter water tank and the level of care that it does not rise up to overflow. Replace if necessary together or float valve if necessary.
  9. Periodically clean the symphonic boat.
  10. Set down sanitary equipment properly in walls as the movement can produce mismatched soils which causes of leaks and even pipes rupture.
  11. If a faucet is dripping, albeit very little, fix immediately as it can lead to a major breakdown and never leave the taps open without being present.
  12. Always close the general tap when you are away from home for a longer or shorter period.
  13. Close the general stopcock whenever you detect a fault.
  14. Periodically review board installation of the washing machine and dishwasher as well as drains and clean the filters and change the tires for corresponding supply.
  15. Do not leave the washer or dishwasher on when you are away from home or while sleeping.
  16. Do not forget to empty air before turning radiators for heating water.
  17. Before going on holiday, close the general tap, drain all pipes and close all taps. Do not forget to leave a key from the floor to a trusted person in case there is need to come into your home to a fault itself or on another floor or affecting the overall installation. It is equally applicable in the second housing weekend with special keys to general gardens, swimming pool, water tanks and irrigation attention.
  18. In cold areas, it is recommended to empty pipes and hoses especially at night and close the General tap to prevent water freezing contained in them.

In case you face the issue of water damage, you must call the experts at water damage and flood cleanup service for damage restoration.

It is necessary to take into account and meet the various recommendations to avoid water damage in your home. No one is exception to have some unforeseen accident or any other situation when it is about being harmed by water damage. It is advised to be safe and minimize the chances of the happening of water damage in your home.

Recommendations to Prevent Water Damage

These recommendations to prevent water damage will serve you as an assessment, so make a checklist based on these points so that you can avoid harms to your own property, a neighbor or others cased by water using all possible means.

  1. When using a cleaning product, it is certain to look high quality and non-abrasive products to prevent damage to the water supply pipes.
  2. You should buy filters for the different drainages and put in your home and keep them always clean and free of any obstructive objects.
  3. Do not use the toilet as a place to dump garbage, otherwise, you can cause severe damage to the pipe and easily cause water damage.
  4. It is advised to periodically review various pipes and valves, especially which are most used in your home. You should look for leaks or any other conditions that can pose a risk and be a possible cause for you to become a victim of a situation of water damage. A timely review can help you avoid the water damages.
  5. If you are to be away from home for a journey, you must not forget to close the general stopcock.
  6. Appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine should be used only when you are present and avoid using them late at night.
  7. It is good that you leave the keys to your home or apartment to some neighbor or someone you trust as a precaution, as it may be necessary to enter your home if you have any internal breakage or if there is a sudden damage and you are not at home.
  8. If you live in an area that is cool, try to completely empty the pipe and if possible, close the stopcock to prevent water from freezing and this practice is of high significance at night which is where the lowest temperatures are recorded.
  9. If you find a fault in one of the pipes, the first thing to do is close the tap and call some water damage experts if you cannot fix it by yourself.

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