4 Easy Tips to Clean a Leather Couch

4 Easy Tips to Clean a Leather Couch

The smell of leather is almost synonymous to taste and class. We like to maintain if possible the same smell and shine of our leather couch when we first bought it. We do not like to see scratches, stains, or worst yet a tear on the leather itself. We always want to preserve our leather couch the way it was when we first laid our eyes on it. But what if in the course of time our couch gets stubborn stains? Then we must learn how to clean a leather couch.

Other than dusting and wiping everyday leather needs some extra care. For this reason, you can always get the services of people who are professionals in this area but be prepared because it comes with a fee. But do you know that you can learn how to clean a leather couch and maintain it by doing these three easy steps?

Firstly, don’t just use any cleaning materials you can find. Using any wipes is a no-no especially if it contains waxes or silicones. Be careful not to use even those baby wipes sold in the market for it contains alkaline which can damage the leather itself therefore proving you don’t know how to clean a leather couch.

Secondly, you can make you own cleaning material which is the most economical option. You can do this by mixing two parts of white vinegar and one part linseed oil or the all-natural neatsfoot oil. Using a non-lint cloth, apply this mixture to your leather couch damping lightly until all obvious dirt is gone. So if a neighbor asks you on how to clean a leather couch, share them this weekly routine.

Thirdly, for stubborn stains, you can just apply toothpaste to the stain rubbing gently and wipe off using chamois or non-lint cloth that is slightly damp. Fourthly, leather can dry out making it look rougher and not as smooth, especially in dry climates. Avoid keeping your leather couch in sunlight or near a heater or fireplace. To keep the leather looking beautiful and to replenish, you can mix 2 parts linseed oil and 1 part vinegar and apply it onto the surface in circular motions. Always avoid using polish, varnish, saddle soap, ammonia water or abrasive cleansers when cleaning your leather couch. Now it is not a secret anymore for you as you know how to clean a leather couch, so go on and try it now.


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