4 Most Renowned Inspirational Speakers Today

4 Most Renowned Inspirational Speakers Today

Personally in my life, I have had the main referents in people who are not in media and you will not see them in this post. I have always preferred to listen to and learn from the people who have had a difficult life but who managed to overcome, ahead of the others and can be very good inspirational speakers. Here I want to show you the people who are inspirational speakers with more followers and have achieved high popularity.

1 – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is considered by many the best motivator and inspirational figure in the world. He has an aggressive and direct style, in the purest style of the American inspirational speakers. He joins his verbiage to a careful staging, typical of ‘show business’ and you can add his physical power, as he measures 2 meters in height.

Tony Robbins was trained directly by the great Jim Rhon. His most important books are Giant Steps and Awakening the Inner Giant. He has become a media star, getting his own TV show and participating in 15 films. He holds the events with more than 15,000 people.

2 – Jim Rhon

Born into a family of humble farmers, Rhon’s life is a true example of inspiration. He became a millionaire in the network marketing industry. He considered himself a philosopher of business.

At the age of 31 and being already rich, he began giving free talks in which he explained his life and was such a success that he later became a professional inspirational speaker, something he himself confessed that he had never imagined in his beginnings.

It is the people with whom I feel most identified. He advocates the value of human virtues and does not ‘reinvent the wheel’. According to his own words that the truth is not new, it was written many years ago and you just have to apply it.

3 – Christopher Gardner

Another of the people with whom I feel most identified, because I lived a process similar to his. His life is reflected in the film, The Pursuit of Happyness, which starred Will Smith.

Before reaching success in the investment business, he passed hard tests living on the streets with his young son and eating in public shelters.

Behind the millionaire inspirations speaker which he has become today, there is a life of self-improvement, personal effort and help to the neediest groups, because he is a great philanthropist.

4 – Mark Anthony Garrett

Having been motivated by his teacher, today, Mark Anthony Garrett is a renowned inspirational speaker all across the globe. Based on his own tough experiences and lessons in life, he is always highly motivated to help others.


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