4 Tips to Buy a Garter

It definitely is an important piece in the repertoire of sexy lingerie. The vintage-inspired lingerie not only serves to keep your socks in place, but with magic and sensuality of their design can transport you in time and space and become the most desired diva with single gesture to fasten your waist. It is an important piece deserves attention on your purchase. Here are some points you should not forget when you go out to get your garter.


As in the case of waist bra or panty, garter in the waist is also absolutely essential to achieve a sensual and elegant but comfortable look of dressing time. It is vital that you know your figure and that is why it is recommended to measure it correctly.

In most shops, the garters are sold by the measure of your waist. So, first of all, set your waist measurement by placing the measuring tape around it so tight that the tape sinks into your skin to determine the actual detail to make you feel more comfortable.

The Amount of Brooches

In stores you can find lingerie garter with 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 pins. Surely you have seen more often are the 4 pins (two in front and two behind legs) but that does not mean they are the most recommended.

The first point to make clear is how long you expect to be wearing your garter. If it is for a short period (as in the bedroom) with 4 hooks you’ll be fine, although it is not ideal. If instead you plan to spend a few hours with your pantyhose hanging from the garter, you should seek greater number of pins to ensure that everything stays in place. The average will be distributed much better in the leg and obviously you have more confidence that it will stay in place.

Quality of Clips

This is one of the key points to consider when buying a quality garter, no matter how much time you plan to be wearing the garter. If you want the piece to be durable, safe and do not shred your precious stockings, stay away from plastic snaps and only purchase the metal. Clasps made of plastic are far less secure and strong than brooches made of metals and alloys.


We’re talking about the color of everything. The color of the garter, the lingerie with which you plan to use and clothes that will go over to go outside. For best results and creating an elegant and sensual set, it is necessary to coordinate and consider all parts of the whole. You need not have the same color but they are in the same tones. 


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