4 Tips to Buy a Useful Bag

4 Tips to Buy a Useful Bag

1 – Choose Bag According to Your Body

The key is to make up with the lines and curves of the body. You have to choose a purse or shoulder bag with the opposite shape of your figure. If you are a woman of a have a high figure without many curves, you can choose a large bag, but if you are small and petite, small bags will come in handy. And if you are thin, you can favor yourself with more curved forms, by contrast, women with curves will look better with straighter bags.

2 – Length of the Bag

Avoid wearing purse, backpack or shoulder up to the part of your bulkier body, so that you will hide the stand that area where you do not want others to notice. You also have bags that offer the possibility of regulating the height. The bags must be accessories that enhance your figure, not vice versa.

3 – Choose a Bag for Every Occasion

It is not the same thing every day that you go to work or go to a party at night. Therefore, you must look out for what occasion you need the bag for;

  • A cross and easy to carry bag is suitable to wear it day and night, to go to the office or to go on a date night.
  • A shopping bag is the perfect ally for women who have a dizzying pace of life and do not know when they will be going home. So you can take a thousand things up such as mobile, tablet, toiletries and sunglasses and also be prepared for the unexpected situation and needs.
  • A handbag is the best choice when you want to feel more feminine. It is smaller than a shopping bag, but it also has many features and provides a distinction to your daily shirt and jeans ensemble.
  • Choose a bandolier a hobo bag or backpack for a more casual style. It is equally versatile and has a point of comfort that others may not have and now it is very fashionable. For more bohemian women, seeking a casual look is the ideal type of bag. It has great ability to carry everything you need and include all ‘just in case’ item you may want or need.

4 – Color

Sometimes trends show very bright colors or patterns. You can choose an accessory of the season without fear, but if you are looking to take it anywhere and at any time, go with the neutral colors such as black, beige, gray, silver, white, camel, navy blue or brown.

To make it a right choice for all occasions, I suggest you to choose Birkin bag Hermes.

Using the wrong bag can mean instant death of a look. Here I present the tips to help you choose the bag that will be best on each occasion. When leaving home, often we forget or do not spend enough time for choosing the proper bag. To go with a huge bag to a night party can ruin your elegance or appearing on the beach with your structured leather wallet will seem more than an oversight of being an absolute ignorant to fashion. Here I tell those times and bag models that fit better together.

1 – Office

The structured briefcase or satchel type bag is an excellent choice for office and generally for women who spend time away from home. Structured bags often have several compartments for storing documents, money, makeup, tablets, smartphones and even lunch. They are usually formal and elegant. Because of the double handle, structured bag is easy to carry on the forearm.

Medium Duffel bag is interesting for office, although it tends to be less structured than the briefcase type bag and therefore it is less versatile. While the outside does not have many compartments, a good duffel must have them inside.

2 – Leisure

The tote bag, minimalist among bags, is a good choice for a picnic, the beach and other leisure activities. Typically made of cotton, it is interesting to keep one in your bag collection if it were to offer to load a book or magazine. Despite that today, many design houses produce totes with logos, it is not a good choice for the job unless your work is in store for that brand. Or you want to imply that this is the only designer garment you can afford.

The hobo bag, shaped like a crescent, is another interesting option for casual occasions when you want to convey a message of relaxation i.e. not for the office. The basic difference between the tote and hobo bag is that hobo fits more, even if you do not have interior compartments.

3 – Shopping

The backpack is a practical solution for shopping being the most versatile bag, plus the variety is infinite. Gone are the days when the only brand was Jansport backpacks. A backpack will be sized to a laptop, if necessary. Unless it is leather, it is not appropriate for office, as it tends to detract from the seriousness; it is more appropriate garment for the intern or the college students.

A bucket bag is all the more versatile than the backpack, although it tends to be more structured, which offers a number of other possibilities. This bag has a special charm and is a favorite among designers and is a good compromise between a backpack and a clutch bag as it can be loaded on a shoulder or carried in hand.

One good choice I can make here is Hermes Crocodile Birkin bag which is enough to have style and comfort.


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