5 Bag Recommendations For Moms For Day To Day Use

5 Bag Recommendations For Moms For Day To Day Use

Women have too many bags and that is an indisputable fact. They never find the perfect model and there is always a “but” to put. In every moment of our life, it seems to be a bag that makes us indispensable, but when we are moms, the type of bag becomes essential to our daily lives. I guess you have to be a mother and go with a thousand things up in order to assess what can make life easier when you carry ‘the ideal bag’. Let’s look at the five essential models of bags for all mom.

1 – Reticule – The Bag at the Waist

A reticule is a small bag with embroidery or bead worn around the waist and it is perfect if you do not need to carry many things. You can only keep valuables such as wallet, keys and phone. If you also want to take more things, you may opt for a different model. It will help in case you are in an area where there is potential thieves.

2 – Bandolier

This type of shoulder bag is very practical because there are also many sizes with which we want to take depending on what we choose one or the other. You will fit more things in waist bags depending on the material with which it is made.

3 – Tote Bag

They are cotton bags as fashionable today for reasons of ecology and promoted as an alternative to plastic bags, serve both bag to carry your personal things as well as you get two diapers and a pack of wipes. You can find them both advertising companies and made by artisans which would give more play when combined with clothing.

4 – Backpack

It is always practical and indispensable if you want to have your hands free carrying weight or bulky objects. The danger of backpacks is that being on the back can draw the attention of thieves, so I suggest you combine it with one of the first bags for valuables or put them in the more sheltered pockets. They fit many things such as spare clothes, diapers, lunchboxes, shopping, clothes, caps, etc.

Any of these bags are the right choices when you are out as a mom with your children. If you are looking for a bag for comfort and style, I will recommend you to try Hermes Birkin bags which are sure to delight you.

They have been a few times that my phone rung non-stop and I failed to find it in my bag before the other person hung up; I had to take everything out of my bag just to find my car keys. Well, I learned to organize my bag well and now I don’t face any trouble when I need to take something out of my bag. If you really want to organize your bag better and stop wasting time to find things, adopt one or more of the following tips.

1 – Regroup Stuff

Regroup your stuff in small toilet bags inside the bag, clasping having some similarity. For example, all your makeup products in the same vanity, your hair brush, mirror ties and other liquid lenses, and toothpaste and toothbrush in another.

2 – Bag Pockets

Take Bag pockets to put the phone, keys and purse. Remember to put things always in the same place. Do not put one day the phone in a pocket and the next day in another. Keep the place same, so that you get used to looking at a particular site and find the required item quickly and easily.

3 – Reconsider the Things

You take in your bag all that you think you may need but you really never use those things. You will be surprised that there are more unnecessary things than you imagine. Therefore, you should reconsider what to keep in your bag and what not.

4 – Get Organizer Bags

If you are one of those women who like to combine shoes and accessories in a bag, I bet you like carrying a bag every day. If you are too lazy to get the content whenever you change your bag or do not have time for it, bet on this option. There are organizers of various sizes and colors, so that you can quickly view the contents of the bag. They are composed of several pockets or departments (approx. 10 between interior and exterior, so that everything has its proper place in the bag. To change from one bag to another, you just have to pull the handles to remove it. In addition, they have a size and flexibility to avoid disturbing time to put things but in turn facilitate their removal when you change purse.

The advantage of an organizer bags is that you not only have the speed in finding something, but also to stand tings upright within it, giving shape to make your bag look the way it deserves. At the end, I suggest you to go for Birkin Hermes bags as they offer style as well as comfort.


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