5 Best Action Movies to Watch This Summer 2020

5 Best Action Movies to Watch This Summer 2020

Are you a fan of action? If the answer is yes you must do yourself a favor by watching the latest action movies, as they will take you on an adventurous ride you have never been before. No doubt that 2020 is going to be a blasting year for action movies and for the action fans this year is like a treat. This year you can see many superheroes fighting with each other and giving you complete dose of action. Here we are going to tell you about top 5 action movies that you must watch.

1 – Deadpool

If you are done with the DC Comics heroes already, you might want to give this hero a shot, as he is very different as compared to other normal heroes we see every day. Deadpool is unique and has a story that will glue you to the screen for sure. The character is played by Ryan Reynolds who is a heart hob and fan girls must give it a watch. The story revolves around the character how he takes his revenge, and how he loses his life after being experimented on.

2 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

No doubt no one can do justice to batman more than Christian Bale, but you must watch this movie as it has both of your childhood superheroes, Batman and Superman. Batman is now attracted to Metropolis which is already half destroyed by the General Zod. You get to see many fighting sequences in this movie.

3 – Captain America: Civil War

If you know DC Comics, you must know almost every super hero belongs to them, and this made Marvel try hi hands on making superhero movies too. This movie is the result of that. It has every character featured in from the Marvel comics, which may bother you, you can also call it avengers 2.5, which is placing the characters against each other after the Age of Ultron. The heroes will be taking a decision to know where their allegiances stand. Directed by Joe Russo this is surely a win-win movie of the year.

4 – Star Wars: Rogue One

It is back with its 7th episode, which is going to be released in December this year. Either if you are a fan of star wars or not, the movie being set in space with aliens and the loved characters is surely a one worth to watch. The movie is set to be released on 16 December 2020.

5 – Suicide Squad

Ever since the trailer of this movies was released everyone was going mad to see this movie. The characters featured in the movie are little bit twisted as it’s not about heroes in this movie, it’s all about the villains who will save the city now. The Jared Leto played joker and will smith playing as Deadshot is worth watching if you live comics. It is packed with fun and action, and take your family also to watch this movie. The movie is set to be released on August 4, 2020.

It is a common belief that animated movies interests the children more, but adults also like the animated movies as much as the children do. You can hardly find an adult who does not love watching Po of Kung Fu Panda since it is such an adorable character of the animated movies. In the years 2016, there have been many good releases in this genre of movies as well and we will talk about some noticeable ones with fun side.

The Angry Birds Movie

The game of Angry Birds has done very well and there may not be a single person who has not played it even if only once since it has had a phenomenal success among game lovers. We can see a lot of merchandise of Angry Birds game as well. To please the visual senses of movie lovers, the directors Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly have brought a full length movie with these angry birds.  Now you can actually discover the reason of birds being angry.

The storyline involves three characters namely Red, Chuck and Bomb who are the overlooked guys with no hopes. The peaceful villages is disturbed when the green piggies come to the village with hidden motives. Now the three hopeless characters take the matter in their own hands and discover the reality of green piggies.


Disney is a renowned name in the making of animated movies and Zootopia has been a very good addition in the animated movies this year by Disney like many other great animated movies. It was the 55th movie and the expectations were high which did meet well.

Zootopia is a metropolitan city where the animals of diffident breeds live together, in fact, it is an idea place. In Zootopia, there are areas of high-class Sahara Square and frosty Tundratown. The animals from all sorts of atmosphere have a happy life in the Zootopia.

The main character is of a small female rabbit namely Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) who joins the police force and it the first of rabbits to do so. She soon realizes that she is surrounded by gigantic and brave police officers and she must extraordinarily work hard in order to prove her existence and capability.

To meet her objectives, Judy is all ready to utilize every opportunity she can, so she even agrees to take the con artist a fox, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) in order to solve an enigmatic case.


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