5 Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks

5 Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks
In the date of today, one of the most extravagant sports is Kayaking. This sport can be recreational or even useful when the activity of fishing gets involved. The sit on top fishing kayaks are of different qualities and brands that are present on the market. Every kayaker tries his or her best to picks out the most excellent product according to his or her requirement, yet there are some outstanding features which make a few products reach to the top list and they, definitely, stand out from the rest.

The fishing kayaks are the reason why this sport is done with a discipline. The products available in the market are tested upon qualities and reviews of the products which enable the ratings of the products over all. Here is a list of top 5 kayaks of 2017 that the lovers of these rides prefer over others.

1 – Lifetime Fisher

The body of this product is 10 feet long and it has enough space for two people to fit in with quite an ease. Its total limit is 500 pounds. Fishing while standing has also been made easier with its tunnel design. This design helps the kayaker to tackle the big fishes readily. The product has two paddles for easier ride as well. The scupper holes are present to drain cockpit for excessive water or dirt. This model is not suitable in case the wind is quite high pressured.

2 – Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90

This model consists of 4 rod holders. To catch more amount of fish, more than one line can be thrown, which also prove that this model is definitely a time saver for the lovers of fishing. The mounting points are also built-in in this model for any additional accessories such as GPS or the fish finder. Some attractive features of this model involve zippered pocket. The drywell is also very smartly placed and it is constructed in a unique way, called roto-molded.

3 – Wilderness 100

This product is comes in 6 color choices and it does have a bracing system which creates ease in paddling and the paddler has longer energy than the usual time. It also has integrated cup-holder along with a few gear pockets to keep everything you want nearer to you. Among its features, it also consists of two orbixhatche and it has bungees to secure a large gear for the better control of the Kayak and it also has a front carrying handles.

4 – Coleman Colorado 2-Person

It has the powerful rugged PVC body. The different air chamber makes it suitable for the lakes and rivers where sticks may come in the way. In case you are not a big fan of the hard-bid kayaks, then this model is definitely for you.

5 – Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler

This model has made it to the top for the reason that it has a spot which is designed with a seat and it has hulls around to pass through the calm waters. This model is one of the versatile kayaks. The tank of this model is SCUBA and it has two main built-in holders as well.

You can know more about the sit on top fishing kayak and if you want to see that information right now, you are recommended to click here. By the way, when you will have got one for yourself and have has the exciting journey on this ride of yours, do not forget to come back here and share your experience with us, so that we can all have a cleaner picture of the one we should buy

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