5 Tips to Make Your Instagram Profile Great

5 Tips to Make Your Instagram Profile Great

I –Quality Versus Quantity

The best way to give a twist to your Instagram profile is to publish fewer but higher quality of photos. It means that you are more careful you’re your photo composition, framing and light.

Every photo has to count and inspire something and that is achieved by trying to be more creative with lighting, framing, backgrounds or focus, putting into practice all your ideas about photography and letting yourself be carried away by our creativity.

II – Creative Use of Filters

Standing out from the crowd is not easy, but for that you can do wonders with a change of brightness, color, contrast or using all the applications on the market. Of course, do not commit excesses or fall into the exaggerated baroque. Unfortunately, most people usually take out the cell phone and take the picture immediately, without stopping to look first. Instead of making 100 photos and then choosing the best, you must take a moment to observe, frame the photo and find out if there is another point of view. In this way, you will find the perfect composition in one of the first attempts.

III –Titles

You can attract your Instagram followers with good titles, so write very short but impactful titles.They’re very important for the reason that they allow people to share their feelings in the comments.

IV – Use of Hashtags

Usage of hashtags is also important and they’re just as necessary as titles. Therefore, search for the most popular hashtags of the moment and use those that seem appropriate to your publications. The more appropriate hashtags you use, the better the results you will have. Your photo is likely to be lost in a multitude of photos, but if your hashtags contain more specific words, your post will be among the most popular ones. In this way, more people will be able to find them.

V – Know Your Followers

Knowing what time things work best is perfect to get right with your Instagram followers such as where they are, what the peak hours for posting, when they are most active, etc. What has to be taken into account is that no matter how much you try you cannot please everyone, so it is better to focus on captivating those who are really interested in your Instagram profile and publications being quality content.


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