6 Amazing Features of Miken Psycho Supermax

6 Amazing Features of Miken Psycho Supermax

The slowpitch softball bats are commonly used for slowpitch type of softball games and the maximum length for the slowpitch of the bat is 34 inches long, the maximum weight of 38 ounces and with maximum barrel diameter  2 ½ inches. Different softball associations and organizations across the USA, set these standards such as ISA, ASA, and USSSA.

Miken Psycho SuperMax is one or the most popular and top ranking bats in this type of pitching playoffs. Predominantly developed and designed by Miken.

1 – Miken’s product comes in different Weights (Same Length)

Miken’s bat comes in various weights although it has a fixed length of 34 inches and the difference between the weight and length ratio is fixed at -9, -8,7,-6 and -4 parallel to the following weights: 25.26,27,28 and 30 ounces. Currently, you have a variety of choices to match your aptitude.

2 – Miken’s Product is made from High-quality material

Miken’s bat is made of multiple materials incorporated with reinforced carbon fiber polymer which gives the bat it’s shiny and long-lasting completed and the composite construction gives this bat the trampoline- effect of the barrel. Miken’s one piece construction method of this bat is 100 COMP certified that is why it’s durability, performance is well-known all over the world. This product is manufactured from premium aerospace grade carbon fiber to provide high quality, performance and durability. Its handle is made stiff in order to give the power required for best players.

3 – HPI Injection (High Pressure Infusion)

Psycho Supermax is constructed with the HPI Injection technology where ultra-tough epoxy is injected into the polymer carbon fiber using 750 X High Pressure Infusion, producing one of the world’s toughest and durable composite construction for softball bats.

4 – USSSA Certified

Miken’s Psycho Softball bat holds the approval stamp of USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association). This Miken slowpitch bat is also certified by other associations such as ISF, NSA, and ISA. Miken’s bat is manufactured in USA.

5 – Warranty

Miken’s Psycho bat holds one year warranty and comes with a promising quality. Miken uses the best quality for the bats and it can distance to your hits and you don’t need to swing too hard.

6 – Performance

Miken’s bat gives the best performance because of the best quality used in it. Miken Psycho Supermax softball bat is a very good bat when it comes to enactment. The other feature of Miken Psycho SuperMax softball bat is its end-loaded. This end loaded feature helps to give it a maximum distance. The knob of the softball bat is coated with an X tack coating that is also the distinctive feature of Miken Psycho SuperMax softball bat. The X tack coating also helps in firmer grip. The price of Miken Psycho SuperMax softball bat usually starts from $220. Some of the models cost $300 too.

The sport of softball has gained the attention of tens of thousands of people around the world. The main equipment of the softball is its bat. There are a number of important parameters which you must take into account before getting your hands to it. These important parameters include softball bat material, length, weight distribution and grip. These factors are very important in selecting the right type of softball bat.

The best company that has a vast experience of manufacturing state-of-the-art softball bats is Miken which has produced a number of quality softball bats. In recent days, the softball bat that has gained much prominence is Miken Psycho SuperMax. Here we will discuss important features of Miken Psycho SuperMax softball bat.

1 – Material of the Bat

This is the most important part of any softball bat. Usually, the softball bats are made from wood, metal or composite material. The best material for a softball bat is a composite material. The material used in the manufacturing of the Miken Psycho SuperMax is also the finest composite material. The bat is made with Miken’s 100COMP, which means that the Miken Psycho softball bat is made from the 100% composite material. For more convenience, the bat also features 750X High pressure Infusion. That is the reason that softball bats produced by the Miken offer more durability, reliability and strength than the other brands.

2 – Length of the Bat

This is also an important factor that constitutes the overall performance of the bat. Nowadays, all the softball bats come in a 34 inch size. This size of the softball bats is allowed by the league policies. The Miken Psycho SuperMax also comes in the size of 34 inches, which provides a lot of flexibility to the player.

3 – Weight of the Bat

Nowadays, the weight of baseball bat ranges from 26 Ounces to 30 Ounces. The best results are achieved by swinging a heavier bat more rapidly. Just remember one thing, you shouldn’t go for heavier bat, as it may cause problems for you to control in the field. You should stick to the weight that best suits your ability and performance.

The weight of the Miken Psycho softball bat also ranges from 25 Ounces to 30 Ounces. By selecting the appropriate weight of the bat, you easily hit the ball over the fence.

4 – Length of the Barrel

In recent days, the length of the barrel also constitutes the overall performance of the player. Bat with longer length help the player to easily hit the ball with great precision and accuracy. The Miken Psycho SuperMax softball bat comes in 14” to 14.5” barrel length. This longer length provides a lot comfort to the player during hard hitting. The diameter of the barrel of Miken Psycho SuperMax softball bat is 2 1/4”, which is also considered as the plus point of these softball bats.


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