6 Practical Tips to Choose a Good Fuel Card

6 Practical Tips to Choose a Good Fuel Card

Cards are very useful as they make invoicing easier and driver is able to charge fuel directly because there is no need of petty cash. It provides many other benefits such as discount is offered on fuel and that’s why many firms and companies prefer to use it. The best card not only saves money but also time of the user in the long run.

1 – Additional Charges

When selecting a card, it is important to know about surcharges as its sum may vary and the customers are not being informed about its exact amount. At times, surcharges may look small, but they can add numerous deals rapidly which becomes problematic for users. So it is a vital point to consider when deciding on the best one.

2 – Fuel Card Acceptance

In order to avoid any inconvenience, it is necessary to know that in which locations the card can be used because some are also accepted in restricted area only which limits the service stations for filling up the vehicle. Such limitation creates problems especially for the users who work outside the urban area where it’s not easy to find the specific service station.

3 – Fee and Charges of Fuel Cards

There are some sellers who charge fee not only to manage the account but the lost card or cancellation fee, joining fees, settlement fees, deliverance fees, and paper declaration fees are also added with the account supervising charges. So, it is better to search for the card that have a transparent fee structure and provide good service in low-cost.

4 – Select Fuel Cards with Desirable Rewards

Several cards offer different benefits such as discounted fuel offer, airline miles offer credit card point offers, and so on. Examine each one cautiously and select the one which is appropriate for you i.e. if the user need to travel overseas than airline mile card is the best option to choose. Similarly, if one wants to get discount on the fuel than must go for the discounted offer.

5 – Search Fuel Card with Wide Practice

There are many cards that can be used not only in gas stations but also in the variety of locations such as in grocery stores or in different shops and it is better to get them because they are more useful as compared others and can be utilized in a wide area.

6 – Fuel Card with Good Petrol Price

Various petrol stations have raised petrol prices because they have large amount of drivers with card facility in specific area and people are bound to purchase high-cost petrol from such service stations. When buying a card, make it sure that you are not paying more than market rate for petrol and the rates in the area are reasonable, otherwise it is worthless to have service which charges more than the standard rates.

Currently, fuel card industry is becoming more advanced and provide opportunity to the businessmen to make smart decisions about fuel costs with the help of cards. People often get confused that which one is more beneficial for the industry and it becomes a major issue to select an appropriate fuel card. With growing industry, market offers various options with multiple features regarding their product and it becomes quite difficult to go for the best one. It might be possible that the user misses finer features of the card.

1 – Fuel Cards Provide Different Coverage Locations

The foremost concern is the coverage that how vast selling area is or the business stands in which level? There are some industries which are established on local level, some people extended their selling on regional level and some other trades are based on national level. According to the needs, the most suitable one can be selected that is useful for the user’s locality i.e. the local card isn’t useful on the regional level or national level thus by opting the relevant card, selling would be more convenient.

2 – Best Services are Offered by Fuel Cards.

To make the customers satisfied and pleased, it is very essential to provide better services to them and that is only possible if there is proficient and serious staff is available. If someone wants to have the card with useful services it can be checked by analyzing that who is going to manage your account, either there is a call centre service or account manager is available. It is important to select the services that provided you an account manager who is capable to deal with all sort of relevant issues which is not possible in case of call centre service. The account is in customers’ access for simple inquiry and for complete report as well. Additionally, the fastidious and convenient way of refilling makes the people more magnetized to acquire such service.

3 – Fuel Cards are a Better Option Regarding Savings.

With the help of simple VAT recovering, money can be saved in office and the card facilitates its users by providing fuel in considerably low-costs. So the user can save a considerable amount on standard level prices and also there is no need of any receipt thus it saves the time of the customer.

4 – Security of User is Preference of Fuel Card Management

There are many robbery or theft cases have been reported. In order to avoid any frauds or theft, the fuel card is beneficial to use which is specified for the fuel or lubricants only and can’t be used for any other purpose so, in case of any fraud incident, you will stay safe as it is worthless to use them for any other purpose. Moreover, such card is specified for particular vehicle and there are custom alarm that act as an indicator in case of any unusual action and if the card is lost, there is no such issue because it can’t be used by any other person and the user can notified to the management about it so the matter will be resolved quickly by deactivating it.


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