7 Questions Home buyers Must Ask Real Estate Professionals

7 Questions Home buyers Must Ask Real Estate Professionals

With the comments you hear out there that there is irresistible offers to buy homes, many are tempting you to buy a house, but at the same time, you might be full of questions. Let’s see what the common questions are which buyers make to real estate professionals.

1 – Is it easy to buy a house?

Even if you have resolved all the situations which you will, there is a complex process that requires patience, time and often consultation of the professionals.

2 – How long does process of buying a house take?

It depends on the type of sale is made. There are many factors that delay the process especially if it is a ‘short sale’ or ‘foreclosure’ that are now common. But even regular sales due to required documents, verification of the legality of the transaction and the delay in the loans can make the process longer. It can range from three weeks to more than six months, depending on the circumstances.

3 – What should be my first step?

Evaluate your finances, know how much money you have to buy and if you are qualified for a loan, if like most people, you have to make one to buy. For this you must orient yourself with a bank officer.

4 – Is it easier to buy a new home than old?

If the new property is built and ready for delivery, it is faster and easier to cancel because there is no mortgages on the property in question. All the documents will be available in the office of the builder. In this case, the time it takes only depends on the buyer. The question is how long it will take your loan to get approved.

5 – How do I get the money to buy?

There are different types of loans depending on the type of housing, credit of the person and where it is located. For all you need to qualify, and in virtually for purchase the buyer should pay some money for early or closing costs. Only a few loans approved 100%.

6 – Do I need a co-signer if I never bought a house?

No, if your credit is good enough to buy the property. What you need is credit experience and good payment history. As the purchase of the house is a very serious matter, orient yourself of the responsibilities and rights of each co-signer if they ask first, and above all, look who you are doing business with.

7 – Will I get loan approved if the property is not in good condition?

It depends on the type of loan, there are some that may even include the necessary improvements but not all.


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