8 Emblematic Bags You Need To Know

8 Emblematic Bags You Need To Know

More than a complement, the bags are cult objects capable of awakening our deepest desires. Here I present the most iconic bags in the history of the world of fashion and accessories.

1 – Chanel 2.55

Gabrielle Chanel, known as Coco, created bag Chanel 2.55 in February 1955 with the main intention of freeing women workers to carry a handbag, so she added metal chain and leather; the stock remains an iconic piece of the brand that occurs in a village on the outskirts of Paris and leads the work of between six and fifteen people for around 18 hours.

2 – Loewe Amazona

This bag was born in 1975 in Spain, designed for independent and powerful woman who is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A curious fact, only 5% of the skins that come to Loewe workshops are used, because this bag requires the highest quality for manufacturing.

3 – Fendi Baguette

Known as ‘it bag’, Fendi Baguette is synonymous with creativity, individualism and experimentation. It was designed by Silvia Fendi in 1997 and hundreds of times reinterpreted by different artists, creative and even celebrities like Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker.

4 – Gucci Bamboo

It surged in 1947, in the postwar era. Being one of the bamboo materials that could still be imported from Japan, the Gucci house decided to use it in a traditional way for its creation, heating and molding to give the semicircular shape.

5 – Balenciaga City Bag

Balenciaga City bag is a modern and versatile icon created for a woman of free-spirited and daring. They have been several changes in size, color and design to satisfy women who use it and make it the latest trend.

6 – Hermès Birkin

The flagship brand bag comes from a conversation between a girl of the seventies, Jane Birkin and the then president of Hermès, Louis Dumas, who promised the actress that he would create a bag full of style where she could put all the belongings and this is how came into being one of the most iconic bags of history.

7 – Boy Chanel

The bag is inspired by the mantra of Gabrielle ‘Do the right thing at the right time.’ Unlike the iconic model 2.55, the Boy finds its inspiration in menswear with a more androgynous character.

8 – Louis Vuitton’s Speedy

Born in 1930 from the Keepall travel bag, but it was until 1960 when it won fame by being made of a special size for actress Audrey Hepburn. The iconic print that adorns this and other signature bags came into being in 1986 from the merger of the initials of the founder and Japanese emblems.

A bag is to be comfortable, neither too big nor small, but fits all, and can be combined with any type of clothing. As we know that it is difficult to choose one among a thousand temptations, today I advise you to help make the best purchase of bags.

I – Determine Your Style

Do not forget to look inward and to know what is best according to your own personality. There are classic, vintage or retro, eighties, bold bags with graceful, elegant and minimalist shapes in flat colors, prints, modern, casual, etc. Therefore, in the first place, consider your personality and what will look prettier with you and then think about the available options.

II – Materials and Finishes

There are women who have to carry around items in their bags, backpacks or briefcases to face the daily life, so look at the strips of bags are thick and have well-finished seams if you do not want to have a disgust, and also see if they can be washed.

If you want to be aware of washing, leather bags are sturdier and do not require much cleaning. If you are a more casual person, you can choose various types of materials such as plastic, fabric, etc. ideal for day to day life. You should invest your money well as per the use you give to the bag.

III – The bag size is also important.

There is a huge variety of sizes, and you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

IV – What is Better, the Zipper or Magnet?

The zipper is safer, but the magnet allows you to open your bag faster and allows more alternative designs. However, the magnet can demagnetize your cards. So again, you have to evaluate the use you want to give to your bag.

V – Prioritize Functionality You Want to Give the Bag

Avoid buying a bag with an infinite background, as you could go crazy trying to find the keys, lipstick or purse. A practical choice may be the bags which have several compartments as they help organize the things you carry. One for mobile, one for wallet, keys, business card holder, making it more accessible.

VI – The Contrast in Your Look

If you are going to base your choice of bag to match your look, you should know that you should carry more contrast. If you are passionate about ‘animal print’ and other prints, I recommend that the clothes should go in the same key and shoes in one smooth color of bag. For example, if your accessory is leopard, you can have fine clothes in neutral colors such as a cream, beige, dark, gray or black and the shoes could be brown or black. On the other hand, remember that your bags should be with neutral colors as I said before, combined with everything.


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