A Warm Up Practice For The Third Chakra

A Warm Up Practice For The Third Chakra

The third chakra is called Manipura, which in Sanskrit means ‘bright gem’. It has the qualities of the fire element and is essential to feel that we have control over our own lives. Some of the qualities that relate to our third chakra are personal power, perseverance and the ability to take responsibility. It is where we ended up defining as autonomous individuals with a universal mission.

Manipura gives life a purpose and structure and as an inner sun, it also gives us courage and clarity. Some of its qualities define the archetype of the warrior.

It is in the center of the solar plexus where a healthy self-esteem that allows us to have personal confidence to open up to the world and act upon it harmoniously built. In a psycho-spiritual dimension, assertiveness and the ability to set limits, responsible for the known experience are all qualities of this energy wheel. Material wealth and external achievements are a concrete manifestation of a third active chakra. It is also the powerhouse of prana (vital energy) in our system.

The connection with our inner warrior is through active positions to raise our energy, our digestive heat increases and strengthens the muscles of the back and abdomen. The sun salutations are especially favorable to activate this energy center.

Some exercises of pranayama such as kapalabhati and bhastrika are complementary practices because they raise the prana.

When there is a third chakra too active, we need the opposite trend, so passive and soothing as bending that evoke acceptance and commitment to the universal postures are recommended. The selection of postures focuses on a practical energy to wake third of our chakras, increasing boldness and fully develop our potential.

Leg Raises

It starts in Savasana. Board legs and bring your arms alongside the body, palms toward the floor. To protect your lower back, you can put your hands under your buttocks. For more abdominal work and if you have back problems, you can bring your arms above your head. Keep chin to your chest to release tension in the neck and keep your feet flexed. Inhale and lift your legs simultaneously controlled at an angle of 90 degrees.

Exhale and slowly lower them, avoiding a mechanical exercise. Repeat it ten times. Although it is not strictly about a yoga posture, lifting legs is a warm up and helps strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. It prepare for asanas and give us strength in the third chakra.


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