Alcohol Addiction, How To Assess It And Get Out Of It

Alcohol Addiction, How To Assess It And Get Out Of It

Do you like to drink and you think your drinking is getting too frequent? Are you wondering if you are not becoming addicted? The Care medical team will explain to you how to recognize an addiction to alcohol and what to do if you are.

What is alcohol addiction?

Do you like having a drink with friends? Do you often drink alcohol? It’s bad for your health, but it doesn’t necessarily make you an alcoholic. We talk about alcohol addiction, or alcohol dependence, when we can no longer do without drinking . Addiction to alcohol is sometimes accompanied by addiction to tobacco or drugs.

How much alcohol to be an alcoholic?

Addiction to alcohol is not about quantity. People who fall into alcoholism drink more and more, to continue to experience the effects of alcohol as their body gets used to it . But above all, they are addicted to alcohol, that’s what makes the personality of the alcoholic they cannot do without drinking, it is stronger than them.

How do you know if you are becoming addicted to alcohol?

The symptoms of alcohol addiction are seen in the relationship one has with the drink. you can see the desire to have a drink in the morning when you get up . We look forward to the hour of the first drink. Or we drink in secret from our entourage. There are several tests on the internet to assess your addiction to alcohol.

What are the symptoms of a lack of alcohol?

The body and the psyche develop withdrawal symptoms if you slow down or stop drinking . Here are the different consequences of withdrawal that signal alcohol addiction.

  • It was the shaky hands
  • You can sweat heavily
  • You may experience tachycardia
  • We feel anxiety, restlessness
  • One can adopt violent or inappropriate behavior

In severe cases, there may be an epileptic seizure or an episode of delirium tremens (resulting in confusion and hallucinations in addition to the above symptoms) it’s a medical emergency.

How can I stop drinking alcohol?

The first thing to do is to recognize that you have become addicted to alcohol and that you are eager to seek treatment . Often outside help is needed to end an alcohol addiction. You can start by consulting a general practitioner he will be able to advise you and direct you if necessary to an addict logiest or a specialist consultation.

How to reduce your alcohol consumption?

Several natural treatments are available if you have a moderate alcohol addiction:

  • set in advance the maximum number of drinks per day
  • decide to drink alcohol only on weekends or on certain days
  • keep a diary of your alcohol consumption
  • certain drugs known as “anti-craving” help to drink in a more moderate way
  • hypnosis can be a help to get out of alcohol addiction.

What withdrawal in case of alcohol addiction?

Serfdom is the first treatment for alcohol addiction. It cannot be undertaken alone and requires medical help. The body has to get rid of alcohol when it has become dependent on it. Depending on the case, weaning can be done in two ways:

  • with medical and psychological monitoring and appropriate medication over a longer or shorter period.
  • during a stay of three weeks to three months in a specialized center . The follow-up is both physical and psychological to identify the root causes of alcohol addiction and see how to best get out of it. In case of alcohol and drug addiction, both problems will be treated at the same time.

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