An Overview of Instagram Bios

An Overview of Instagram Bios

Firstly, Instagram is a social networking launched in 2010 and it didn’t take it much long to attract millions of the users, so explaining whatInstagram is or how it works will be rather useless here. However, if you are new to this network and looking for some help to gain followers, you are at the right place. Suppose I’m on Instagram and I come across your profile, what would I expect? I expect something cool and appealing in the case of a random guy/girl/celebrity or something informative and exciting incase of a business. But the question is how you can impress me and make me follow your profile or learn about your business? The answer to that is having a good bio.

The first impression is everything and the best way to do that on Instagram is by having a unique and attractive bio. It is a small description written under your profile pic and the only thing that gives an insight into your personality. Having a good profile pic is one thing but a great bio is another.

You need to ask yourself why you are on Instagram. Of course, you want to socialize and tell the world about yourself. The main purpose of a social networking site is communication and bio is also one form of that. If it is convincing, you will get followers and people will be attracted to your profile. What do you say? And it is even more important if you are running a small or large business. Everybody knows that for a business to run, you need marketing first and what can be better than social media in today’s world. Instagram is a powerful tool for advertisement. If you are a young entrepreneur with a good business quote, you will not only attract masses to your profile but also to your business.

As said before, a bio is a reflection of one’s personality. Now the internet is flooded with Instagram bios. You can go with a cute bio, cool bio or a funny bio depending on yourself.

The quotation bios are also becoming increasingly popular and get many likes and you can find lots of them online. You can copy one from the web or why not be creative with your Instagram biosinstead?


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