Analysis of the Web Traffic for SEO

Analysis of the Web Traffic for SEO

Most companies use various tools in order to measure the effectiveness of their website design. Web traffic statistics are used as a tool that aids in measuring the probability of the website design success on the internet. Today, more and more companies are aiming at attaining online success by increasing the traffic inflow on the website in order to attain search engine optimization.

A variety of web hosting companies also offer advice in web marketing, as well as tools for measuring web traffic statistics. They are very busy with web hosting, and measuring web traffic statistics require a lot of time. Therefore, one can do the analysis independently by taking a closer look at the activities on the website and figuring out the target audience coming to the website, and what the reasons for their visits are.

In order to observe the behavior of the users, one cannot solely rely on the statistics that are seen on the computer screen. As the statistical figures are just numbers and do not give details about the behavior of the visitors, which is crucial in evaluating the inbound traffic on the website. The statistics of the inbound traffic are only the tip of the iceberg, as the behavior of the searchers must be essentially analyzed for the study. Most website owners think that the proportion of traffic inflow is directly proportional to search engine optimization, which is not true as it is not the only criterion in attaining success online.

There is a lot of hype regarding hits which are requests for information and do not necessarily lead to sales. Therefore, one cannot rely on the number of hits for deciding the effectiveness of the website. If the users are spending a considerable amount of time on the website, this reflects on the web traffic statistics as it is fairly stable. But, it is essential to find out the following;

  • The identity of the target audience
  • The purpose of their visit
  • The duration of their visit

And these factors are very important for web traffic analysis before generating statistical results. Is the target audience spending enough time on the website or they are browsing through and disappearing in no time? If the web design is effective, the visitor will spend considerable time on the website. The statistical figures will indicate the effectiveness of the website design as a marketing tool. Various features of the website design like visual appeal, usability, navigation and content can be analyzed by making use of the statistics of the web traffic. On the other hand, if the statistical figures are not good, one must pay close attention to the web design and consider redesigning with the help of a professional web design service which offer some of the best redesigning solutions. The results also aid in creating an effective marketing strategy for the company’s website based on the consumer market trends.

Also, if the user is leaving the website from a webpage rather than browsing all the webpages, the reason for the abrupt exit must be analyzed and changes must be made accordingly. The results also give a big picture of the user’s preferences and individual habits. Thus, designing the marketing strategy according to the target audience is the best strategy that leads to success.

SEO – The Ultimate Marketing Strategy for Top Positions on Ne

Keywords are very crucial in drawing traffic to the website, therefore, while creating the content of the website design, one must try to look for some of the most preferred keywords.

Now that you have the keywords ready, you have to start working on SEO. There are three ways of attaining maximum SEO. PPC also known as pay-per-click method requires the website owner to pay fees to PPC services like Yahoo, MSN and Google. Handling the PPC as part of SEO marketing can save a lot of expenditure spent in hiring SEO professionals or paying money to Yahoo, Google or any other search engine. Therefore, choosing the right keyword is strategic in maximizing SEO of the website.

Organic SEO is the latest trend among major companies online. This does not require the company’s owner to pay any money for SEO. This type of SEO can be achieved by word of mouth or by brand recognition. This is more of a long term SEO marketing strategy that can only show results after a long period of time. There are many companies that are applying PPC as well as organic SEO as their marketing strategies. In this way, their websites start showing up on search engines and by the time organic SEO has developed they withdraw from PPC services and thus attain a steady inflow of traffic on the internet.


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