App management In Samsung Note 8

App management In Samsung Note 8

Moving form apps tray itself, there’re some other app management options worth exploring for getting most from your Samsung Note 8.

Enable full screen apps:

18.5:9 screen implies that many apps will not open in your full screen mode, rather running in regular 16:9 aspect. It can be changed, and to do this go to settings—display—full screen apps. Here one can go through list of apps and then turn on full screen for the functions that are not enabled. Remember not all applications can work in full screen mode, however it is worth a go for wide screen glory.

Change the default application:

Android gives you a chance to choose which the default application is if you have in excess of one that will do a similar thing. Under the app > menu > default app you can perceive what has been chosen as the default program, calling apps, messaging apps as well as home screen/launcher. One can also choose to have the Note 8 naturally select default applications, or ask you when there is a decision under the “default application choice” setting.

Control apps permission:

Android gives you a chance to deal with every one of the authorizations for all apps on an individual level. Head to application > select apps and hit apps authorizations. This will give you a chance to flip consents on and off to allow you to disable locations access, for instance, or check what this dodgy APK is getting to.

Installing applications from obscure sources: One of the delights of Android is flexibility to do what you need. Obviously the phone does not need you to, so as a matter of course the alternative to istalling an application physically not allowed. Everything that does not originate from Google Play or Galaxy Apps is classed. There are legit applications you should need to install

Clearing Notification Badges:

On some of the applications such as Facebook, users can have badge which shows that there are certain number of notifications for that application that you have. IF you do not have time to look at that notifications all the time you can pass over that applications, long press on that icon and you will see an option of “clear badge”. This option can allow you to remove that notification form the screen. To see Note 8 Dubai price revisit this blog.

Apps tray is the option where all the apps are saved. By default it is just a mess, arranged without any order, with newer apps being placed on last page. By default it is accessed with swipe up on home screen, however then you have to scroll right and left. Here is how you can manage the app tray like an expert.

Removing apps tray: when you need your all apps on home pages, it allow you to remove apps tray entirely. Just long press on home screen, select “home screen setting”, where you get an option” home screen only” or “home and app screen”.

Change the applications tray grid:

This will give you a chance to fit more folders or icons on a single page and exploit that giant screen. Head into home screen settings and select “applications screen grid”. Change to 5by6 to fit most on.

Put an applications button on your home screens:

For several years Samsung has had an applications button that you can tap in order to open the applications tray. On Note 8 it is off naturally, yet you can restore this when you incline toward that over swiping. Go to home screen settings and you will see the “app button” if you want to it on again.

Scan for applications:

There’s a helpful search bar or Finder at top point of applications tray so you can look for your apps. On the other hand you can also open a Google search and just mention the application. This will uncover gadget applications to open at a tap.

Physically reorder applications:

To physically move applications around, just long press on an icon o any application and after that drag it to the area you need it to be, yet be mindful so as not to drop it on another application, as you will make folder.

Arranging you apps in Alphabetical order:

Customize order is default on Samsung Note 8, which mean apps appear in the end of list when they are installed. When you need simple and plain alphabetical order, just open apps tray, open top right menu and choose “sort”. This then switch each and every function alphabetically.

I am sure that this list will be helpful to you when you next time try to manage your app tray. For more information about Samsung Note 8 Dubai price, come to this blog again.  


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