Are There any Disadvantages of Homeschooling?

Are There any Disadvantages of Homeschooling?

Many parents who homeschooled their children have done a remarkable job and have sent their children into the real world with a bevy of preparation and confidence. There are countless case studies that discount the overwhelming stereotype that children who were homeschooled are socially awkward and inept due to the cloistered environment that shaped their formative years. There are, however, distinct and undeniable disadvantages of homeschooling that should be common knowledge to any parent, considering eschewing public or private school for free reign over their child’s education.

Most people, when thinking about the negative consequences of homeschooling, would likely point out problems with a child’s social skills or the child being unable to learn how to cooperate and get along with peers. Interestingly enough, very few people consider the parent who will actually be teaching the child, and the hurdles that that person will face. Imagine the sacrifice necessary for a parent to create lesson plans, outside activities, tests, quizzes, homework, and the countless other activities that a teacher gets paid good money for (as well as paid summer leave and planning days) and the parent receives nothing for. Many parents entertain the concept of homeschooling, but few are truly up to the monumental task of not only raising but educating their child. After all, education is the one thing that can make or break a child’s future and no parent would want to be the cause for the future failings of his/her offspring.

In all likelihood, the most obvious aspect among the disadvantages of homeschooling would have to be the social opportunities that the child will be missing out on. While it can be argued that age-segregated classrooms don’t lend themselves to social melding in the first place, there is much to be said for making friends and attending dances and school functions. If such matters seem trivial to the parent of an eight year old, imagine when that child is sixteen and has little to no friends. Imagine the child watching movies and television that celebrates high school proms, homecoming dances, “the big game”, kissing on the bleachers, and all the other things that, while not necessarily important in the long run, are certainly things that one should at least be given the opportunity to experience. That leads us into another looming problem with homeschooling.

The sad fact is that, after talking with kids who go to public schools or watching school-themed programming, a child may in fact wish to go to a ‘real’ school in order to gain the experience. All the lessons taught by the well-meaning parent will be meaningful, no doubt, but it is hard to forbid a child from seeking to gain knowledge about the world and the people that he/she will very much be a part of upon graduation.

Since the traditional method of sending children to private or public schools for education has been gradually losing esteem because of various negative effects on children, homeschooling has been gaining popularity as an excellent choice for an alternative method of education. There are many homeschooling programs available for your child. It is very vital to choose the one which will result to your child’s academic excellence and eventually develop him/her to be a well-rounded and versatile person. Some other programs, which tend to focus on arithmetic and history, often neglect the fact that writing, socializing and reading skills are also very important in the educational development of a child. This is where Calvert homeschooling comes in. Here are top 4 reasons why Calvert homeschooling is a better choice.

1 – Time-Tested

This homeschooling program has been around for almost half a century. Its curriculum, which is shipped to parents worldwide, has been honing homeschooled students’ skills not only in academic knowledge but in critical and analytical thinking.

2 – No Clutter/No Gaps

Most of the time, many homeschooling programs offer a large amount of material to be administered by the parent. Unfortunately, the contents of these materials are either irrelevant or too specific for a student to appreciate and actually learn from. In Calvert, students under the program get to study material that is researched from major textbooks to be effective, relevant and interesting. The program ensures that there are absolutely no gaps in instruction.

3 – Easy to Administer

Calvert program contains meticulously organized and complete curriculum along with specific yet simple lesson plans crafted by talented and veteran teachers. Also, the curriculum can be tweaked to suit the pace of the student in order to maximize his/her talents and learning potential. There is also a parent-support system provided for by Calvert itself, in case of questions or problems arising from the program. There are also online resources and supplements available to parents utilizing the program.

4 – Proven Academic Excellence

Most, if not all, graduates of this program have gone on to perform well academically in high school and in college. This is attributed to the strong foundation that is set forth by the emphasis of the program on the mastery of essential skills, motivation and perseverance for learning and a strong moral character.

If you want nothing but the best for your child and you want to feel secure about his/her academic prowess and intellectual capability, Calvert homeschooling program is the best and only choice. The high standards that Calvert program adheres to assures that you are getting the most out of your time and money. Make the best choice as a parent and enroll your child in the Calvert program now.


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