Attractions to Celebrate Valentine in New York City

Attractions to Celebrate Valentine in New York City

The day of love, known as Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 and is quite popular occasion in New York. You can see the beginning of glimpse a month earlier as the display of decorations of red hearts and chocolates announce the celebration everywhere. To the question of what will you do on Valentine’s Day is not surprise as you can see all the programs in the city for all romantics, traditional, innovative, couples, singles and others.

Under the Stars

The Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History organizes ‘Romance under the Stars, especially for Valentine’s Day. An evening with open bar an hour and a half with drinks, champagne, chocolates, snacks and music  followed by the best love stories of all time under the starry sky planetarium.

Life is a Cabaret!

It is a burlesque show at the Highline Ballroom, which includes music and the best burlesque performers from New York and around the world. The place has tables with a cover charge of $10 per person and a menu for dinner. Tickets are $25 and $30 for the day of the event with the location in order of arrival. Discounts for groups of ten or more are offered.

Dancing Tango

It is an excellent plan to make for two on Valentine’s Day for couples. There are several places in the city where taking classes for all levels or you can go directly to dance. In some cases, classes are arranged at restaurants where besides learning, you can eat and drink to the rhythm of two by four.

On The Heights

Post to the terrace of the Empire State, a tradition that comes from the movie ‘An affair to Remember’ released in 1957 with its imitations. Every year, there are couples who even celebrate their wedding on the 80th floor of the historic building and get lifetime, free for Valentine.

In Skates

Besides a good excuse to grab your partner, ice skating is a fun activity to do at night, illuminated by the lights of the city and accompanied by music. New York has several ice rinks in different parts of the city.

Romance with free city

Out for a walk in New York can be very romantic and costs not a single a penny. Although you may not able to able to see many stars, you can admire the wonderful views of the city, its lights and even the moon reflected on the water of the East and Hudson rivers.

Valentine for Singles in the City

Some people choose to celebrate being single at this date and have several alternatives to have fun with other singles as there are some programs arranged for the singles on Valentine Day.

Valentine Day Gifts

Love and gifts go together for many and the New York City has several places to buy Valentine Day Gifts to have the happiest Valentine with innovation and tradition.


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