Benefits of Stainless Steel Ice Chest

Benefits of Stainless Steel Ice Chest

If you are someone who is intending to have lots of parties at home and what somewhere that drinks can be stored for guests to get to easily. Then it is worth considering investing some money in purchasing a good quality stainless steel ice chest.

Although these do cost considerably more than those constructed from plastic the ice that you use inside to keep the drinks cool doesn’t last very long. So even after a couple of hours the drinks won’t taste as nice as when your guests first arrived. In fact, with some of the coolers available the ice stored in them can last for as long as five days.

However, although an ice chest may be made from stainless steel do not think that moving it around is going to be an issue. In many cases the designs are considerably sleeker than the plastic models and so carrying this is a lot easier. Also just as with some of the cheaper versions you will find the larger ones are now fitted with wheels so moving them from one location to another won’t be an issue at all.

When it comes to caring for your stainless steel ice chest you will be amazed at how easy this is to do. Actually washing these items is a lot easier because the sides tend to be a lot smoother. Plus if you are at all concerned about leaving yours outside then don’t be as they come with special coatings that will protect them from the elements. So the risk of them rusting is reduced.

If you are at all interested in purchasing an ice chest made from steel there are certain things that you must take into consideration beforehand. So it is a good idea to actually sit down and think about what you will be using yours for. This way you can then determine just exactly what size you need along with what features you would like it to have. If for example you intend to hold a lot of parties at home, then purchasing one of these units that allows you to access it easily it is important. There are certain models that allow you to access the unit from the front rather than the top and these access panel’s fold down offering you a place where drinks can be stood whilst being opened. Then there are other models that are fitted with not just a bottle opener but a place below where the lids are caught and held until it is emptied.

A portable ice chest is an insulated container used to keep food cool. Most of them feature a handle, strap or wheels to make it easier to tote around. It often constructed from two layers of a durable plastic material with a sheet of Styrofoam insulation in between. The larger models may contain a valve or spout on the bottom to aid in getting rid of the melted ice water. Purchasing bags of ice is the most common method to keep the inside of the ice chest cold. For people who are keeping foods they wish to keep dry, they either wrap them in plastic bags or use frozen bottles of water to keep the liquid contained. Smaller ice chests can be kept cool with frozen packs. These reusable plastic containers will either screw or snap into its lid. Frozen packs are filled with water and sealed with a gel to keep them frozen longer. The cheaper and disposable ones are made only of Styrofoam and are not as durable as the plastic models.

Owning one is the perfect solution to keep your food safe from spoiling on any long journey. Food left in cars during spring or summer days can become a health issue depending upon how warm it gets. If you have to make several stops during your shopping trip, an ice chest can help keep your meats, dairy, frozen and fresh produce safe. People who enjoy sushi, sashimi and other foods that can easily spoil keep small ones in their cars to keep the food perfectly cool while in transit. If you have a family, a large ice chest is almost a necessity.

Eating out can be expensive and sometimes the restaurant options on road trips are limited to fast food. Packing a homemade lunch full of the family favorites in your ice chest is a great way to save money and eat healthier. When you are not going on trips, the ice chest is still a great way to save precious food space during family parties. Keep the potato salad in the refrigerator and the beer, water and soda in the ice chest. If you enjoy eating fresh seafood then an ice chest is almost mandatory. Fresh fish or live crabs, shrimp, lobster, etc. can be expensive and you certainly do not want to gamble with your health. An ice chest will keep the seafood perfectly fresh until you are ready to cook it. Ice chests are perfect for fishing trips because you can pack your lunch and drinks inside and if you get lucky and catch fish you have a safe way to bring back your catch.

There are other types available. There are canvas and plastic designs that work with the reusable frozen packs. These are small and made to hold a single lunch or a few drinks. There are also thermoelectric ice chests that can keep food either cold or warm. Most of these thermoelectric chests can be plugged into your automobile’s cigarette lighter for power. The most popular ones are still the plastic ones. The design is extremely efficient at keeping foods cold. Plus plastic is a relatively cheap material which keeps the prices quite reasonable. You are supposed to have a look at the ice chest reviews when you have to finally decide which one to buy.


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