Best Tips to Build Your Own Log House

Best Tips to Build Your Own Log House

At present, there has been an increase in the construction of log houses and many people are wondering if there are adverse effects by over logging the trunk of trees. The answer that many logging companies have found to this demand is the use of fast-growing pine trees.

Who wants to build a house of wood or other material, first he or she must have a municipal permit, according to what establishes the general law of urbanism and constructions and the ministry of housing and urban development in your state or country.

Natural Wood House

There are different types of log houses as pine, araucaria, oak and other types of woods, which stand out as large insulation and resistant to the climate changes. Therefore, in cold places with freezing temperatures, these constructions do not suffer cracks.

Before building a log house, you must have the plans of the work and once you have completed all the legal procedures, you can build the house of your dreams. Once the project is finished, you will live your winter or summer vacation in a space planned by you, with all the things you wanted and even your creation can be leased for other travelers to enjoy. If, on the contrary, you prefer comfort and you have no plans to build or buy, you can rent at any time of the year a fully furnished log house.

Advantages of a Log House

If we talk about advantages, a log house takes the lead. We can find many houses made of this natural material that highlight the landscapes of the area as they are inspired by the calm, tranquility and familiarity that characterize the last place in the world. But also, we have to highlight other benefits such as the following;

  • Energy efficiency
  • Economic efficiency
  • Versatility
  • Natural product

Prices of Log Houses

The value of a log house made to measure or prefabricated is very diverse. In the case of the first, it will depend on many factors such as purchase of land or plot, municipal permit, wood material and all the equipment to furnish the house. It is also important to keep in mind if you will have common areas such as swimming pool, parking, barbecue, Jacuzzi or any other amnesties you want.

If it is a prefabricated house, the supplier will have a basic or high-impact package on hand, the difference of both varies in square meters and whether or not it includes the floor, terrace, windows, beams and the entire interior of the log home.


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