Branded Sales Note Emails – Convert Prospects into Clients!

Branded Sales Note Emails – Convert Prospects into Clients!

So many things can be done to make sale after sale using your email list and the most business owners only think of only obvious that only one time deal. Remember each name on your past buyers’ list will make an enough pool of qualified leads that can be more than 3 times likely to buy again form you as compared to a new customer.

Start grooming those clients with a thank you email after their first time purchase. Tell them that you appreciate their business and would like to do it again. These first opportunities are the golden ones so try to take advantage of that old offline marketing techniques with a thanking you note.

Now let’s talk about second thank you which you can send via email about 30 days after. Yes it works, as the customers like to remember their previous transactions if they are satisfied with that and it helps them for making their future decisions.

Do you have a newsletter, a blog or a brief press release on another product or service that could be sent out at least monthly? If not, why not? Keep in touch with the people on your mailing list. Give your list a life of its own. You know people on your list have, in fact, are pre-qualified themselves for your products and services, or they would never have given you their names and email addresses in the first place.

Your email list is more worthy than its weight in gold if you know the ways to mine it. The longer you keep people in your email list without practicing their opt-out choice, the more valuable that list will become. Indeed you should have opt-out button as a gesture of loyalty at your side. Put it in a high-flying place on the bottom of your index page and get all those people out of your list.

Use every technology available with you, including auto-responder software to harvest email addresses and names of potential clients. It is very easy and inexpensive application to purchase, an average auto-responder comes about $10 for a month with the capacity of around 250 naming list. The real value of an emailing list is its numbers. You need to increase the flow of traffic in order to increase the size of your list. Quality content of your website, including articles, videos, tips and databases bring quality buyers to your online presence over and over again.


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