Check Out What Users Say about Extang Trifecta Trifold Tonneau Cover

Check Out What Users Say about Extang Trifecta Trifold Tonneau Cover

There is no doubt that Extang Trifecta Trifold is the top tonneau cover on the market. Here you will get to see what the users of this top tonneau cover have to say about the experience of using it.

Here’s what Steve got to say about Extang Trifecta tonneau cover

Hi, my name is Steve and I live in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I have had Extang Trifecta tonneau cover now for 6 months on my Ford F-150.

There are a couple of things that I really appreciate about it more than anything. Obviously, with a Ford you can lock the back latch and I keep tools in my truck since I am a carpenter, so there is no way anybody can get in there.

It doesn’t allow any water in, which is a tremendous help so my tools can stay in while it’s raining. And because it slides back and forth and stops at different positions, it allows me to still carry lumber in the bed while part of the bed is still closed which is a tremendous help for me.

So, overall I’ve had the other tonneau covers that were cloth and they just rot away, the sun bleaches them out, and they just don’t work. But this being metal, you don’t have to worry about it rusting.

The performance of it is excellent. It slides back and forth from front to rear at ease. I think the product is something that people should look into if they’re considering this type of cover. The expense is nothing compared to what it does for you in the long run and that’s the benefit of this product. It’s a long-run product. I think you’ll be very happy if you make the investment in Extang Trifecta Trifold tonneau cover. Thank you.

S. Jones, Hilton Head, SC

Check out what Mark said about it.

This is Mark Sumner from Whitley City, Kentucky. I just wanted to call and let you know how much I enjoy my Extang Trifecta Trifold tonneau cover. All I can say for it is that it saved me gas money and it also saved on the wear and tear on my bed. It’s fairly easy to install and I would highly recommend it to anyone that was interested in one. I’ve looked a several of them and this is top tonneau cover of the line and it works perfectly. I just want to say thanks again and it’s a great cover.

M. Sumner, Whitley City, KY

Here’s what Roberts Wells says about it.

I bought it a few weeks ago and I’m very impressed with the sleek design and the ease of the installation. All my friends are very envious and they wish they had one too. They were amazed with the looks and the mechanics of the cover. I will definitely recommend anyone interested to this awesome tonneau cover! Thanks again.

1 – How do I unlock tonneau cover?

You just gently pull and turn spring loaded lock handle to the one quarter of turn and then use pull strap to gradually retract the cover into the canister.

2 – What is the canister made of?

There are models whose canister is made of 100% powder coated aluminum just like the rails and the cover itself while there are some which use ABS plastic for a storage compartment on the top of canister. The ABS plastic containers not only add additional height to the canister, but make the cover appear as though it was poorly constructed.

3 – What is the warranty?

In general, a tonneau cover comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in the material and workmanship. There is no fine print. It is highly unlikely that you will have a problem with the tonneau cover you get. It is usually very durable and is made from the toughest material around. 

4 – What about water on the cover? Is this a problem?

No, it is not a problem at all. The majority of the water on the tonneau cover simply rolls off, however, the rest is channeled through the canister system.

5 – Are tonneau covers water resistant?

In fact, there is no tonneau cover in the world that is waterproof, however, most of the covers are probably the most water resistant. It has been said by many clients that air can’t even get inside. If you wash your truck with the cover closed, run through and automatic car wash, or drive through a sudden downpour of rain, it is very likely that your bed will remain 100% dry.

6 – How is this possible?

On either side of our tonneau cover, there are channels or gutters that allow the water to run down into the canister. From there the water is expelled through drain tubes that run into your factory installed bed plugs. From there, the water ends up on the street. In other words, any water that doesn’t simply roll off your cover will go through the canister and out of your truck bed.

7 – How much does this cover weigh?

The complete cover with rails and canister weighs anywhere between 25 lbs to onwards depending on which brand you buy.

8 – Does the tonneau cover make noise when I drive down the road?

The tonneau cover makes no noise whatsoever. When you are racing down the highway at 75 MPH, it will cruise silently along with you.


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