Clash of Clans – The Trophies, Clans and Soldiers

Clash of Clans – The Trophies, Clans and Soldiers

Clash of Clans is a free-to-play game available for download on iOS and Android. What is the aim of this game and how to get started on it will be told in this article.

In Clash of Clans, you build your village and the goal is to enlarge and improve the buildings over time. For this you will need to use two types of resources: the elixir and gold. There are two methods which exist to obtain the elixir and gold as the extract of your property or loot from the neighbor. To conquer neighboring lands, you have to prepare your soldiers which include giants, archers, barbarians, etc. After each battle, you will automatically lose all the soldiers deployed on the ground, even if they were alive at the end of the game.

The Trophies

If you defeat City Hall enemy, you will be victorious and will win the trophies. If you do not destroy the opposing City Hall, you will get 50% to be declared as a victorious. Being lower to this percentage, you will lose all the trophies. The goal is obviously to clean your opponent to get 100% and gain the maximum number of Trophies. Several leagues exist on the number of trophies you collect. You start at the bottom of the ladder by joining the bronze league to reach if you are good to the rank of champion. When you reach at 1250 gems, you will receive a reward of 450 gems which is a real good plan!


Very soon you will realize that the best possible protection is in your clan castle. If you are in a clan, you can ask your troops to be allies. These soldiers, stored in the clan castle released in case of enemy attack and will kill some enemy soldiers or all the soldiers, thus, slowing your opponent in attack your village. If the allied soldiers are still alive at the end of the battle, they will return in your clan castle. It is a must to get a very powerful unit that you obviously cannot create when you just start.

In contrast, if you are short on troops during one of your attacks, you can also deploy your troops on the battlefield. All the soldiers come out of the castle and of course, in the end part whether you win or not, all these brave infantrymen will be lost.


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