Commercial Land Division Surveys

Commercial Land Division Surveys

Surveys are done every day for many purposes and they are important part of our society. Commercial land division surveys are one of the major area of job for surveyors. These are the surveys that are conducted of commercial lands and commercial buildings

Commercial Survey

Land survey is a map which outlines topography, exact boundaries, divisions as well as features of land. They are particularly created to match the needs of commercial land division owners. Commercial assets are valuable and it’s important that detail surveys to be done in order to save the land owner against potential legal conflicts and disputes in future.

Different Types of Surveys

Generally all types of land surveys exists can be considered in context of commercial land division purposes. Type that is done highly depends on specific needs of seller or land owner. Some of the types include, measured, deformation, boundary, ALTA, topographic and engineering surveys.

ALTA are most detailed commercial surveys that are common for commercial properties. They combine an array of elements like boundary surveys, topographic and mortgages to create very detailed surveys. ALTA must follow minimum standards set by American Land Title Association or ALTA and American Congress Surveying & Mapping.

Structural survey is also very popular type, which involve detailed inspection of physical condition as well as structural stability of building. This survey highlight all the repairs which need to be done. This survey is very essential for someone who is planning to buy any commercial property. This survey help them avoid heavy repairing costs after purchasing. Large commercial buildings should also upkeep their condition for purpose of safety of their workers

Why Commercial Surveys are needed?

Among many reasons that are important, there are few that are just before safety. Many commercial surveys outline potential damages and hazards that required to be checked at both on building and land itself.

Surveys are important for anybody about to buy commercial property as survey outlines precisely what you need to pay for, such as features like car parking, driveway and boundaries of the properties.

Commercial surveys help you to save yourself against any legal conflicts about the boundaries of the property. Detailed ALTA commercial survey has good regard in courts and it is very helpful against legal cases.

How to Hire Them?

There are thousands of licensed commercial land division surveys firms across the country. You can get them for commercial surveys. Therefore it is better to check their specialty before hitting the ok button.


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