Discover The List Of Restaurants Of Various Gastronomes!

Discover The List Of Restaurants Of Various Gastronomes!


This is a pizzeria open until 5:00 am in the morning. Located on 17th Street near Dixie Street, you can be sure to satisfy your hunger. The pieces of pizzas are gigantic and while you wait they put pieces for you to try to kill the immediate hunger. You also have other options on the menu.


It is an Italian bistro specializing in fish. The chef and owner Claudio Giordiano, an avid fisherman, prides himself on having fresh fish in his restaurant. Native of Alvignano near Naples, he has created a good mixture of food that makes the people dispute over the tables, and most probable thing is that you end up dining in the terrace. It is always crowded, but it is well worth it.

Makoto Sushi Bar

It presents a mix of traditional Japanese dishes and Peruvian food, making an interesting gastronomic menu. The display of the technique is their cymbals stands out when trying any of them, bringing creativity in their presentations. It is currently one of the most popular sushi bars. The premises are in charge of the chef Jorge Tako Higa and Alfredo Delgado. Among its dishes are the tempura of ice cream, maki a la huancaina and others.


Rüya restaurant, the meaning of whose name is dream in the Turkish language, is a vivacious dining place with a lounge and a bar. The quality of food and service is extremely high. It is offers trendy dining and the dressing is casual. Colin Clague is the executive chef. You will get free Wi-Fi connectivity. Ruya is certainly listed in the top restaurants in Dubai.


It is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Lima, which stands out for its Mandarin style exterior decoration. It offers a variety of dishes in its buffet service. Among the most outstanding dishes are the dim sum snacks and the Cantonese duck. It also has a variety of wines, aperitifs, soft drinks and soda. It also offers a la carte and buffet dishes.

Red Fish Grill

It is a cozy and romantic restaurant, located in Mathson Hammock Park where there is one of the most beautiful and different beaches in Miami. This restaurant offers a small day-to-day retreat. When you enter the park and enjoy the good food, I recommend fish, you get the impression of being in a world apart. This restaurant is like to go with someone special or with an endearing group of the friends.


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