Discover The Most Beautiful Places for Holidays In UK

Discover The Most Beautiful Places for Holidays In UK

Beaches, forests, lakes, national parks, charming small towns and big cities, the UK is full of beautiful places. Patria de exploradores, cradle of modern civilization and a diverse landscape sculpted by a demanding climate that has shaped the haughty and reserved character of its inhabitants.


London is one of the best cities in the world and the number one attraction to see in England. The vibrant neighborhoods like Camden, a number of interesting museums, Piccadilly, the River Thames, the Tower of London with its bridge, Big Ben and Parliament, Westminster Abbey, markets, pubs, cosmopolitan life, in short, London has it all to entertain the vacationers.


The university city of Cambridge rests all its old knowledge on the banks of the river Cam. It is only 80 km and is ideal for a short break from the English capital. The old buildings of the King’s College Chapel and the University Library attract in this medieval-looking city. If you are lucky, you will be able to watch the students train on the River Cam, preparing the famous annual canoe race against Oxford.

Corfe Castle

The remains of a medieval castle and a couple of cobble-stoned streets are enough to visit Corfe Castle, near Bournemouth, on the banks of the English Channel.

A trip to any of the regions of Great Britain will always give you the opportunity to see charming spots with remains of historic castles or abbeys surrounded by meadows. Your walk should not be limited to visit the enclave of castle located on a hill, but you must also walk its streets to see picturesque houses of stone. It will be a walk through the medieval history of this country.

Magician Gastonbury

Visiting the remains of the former Glastonbury Abbey is the main argument for including this small town of Somerset County on your route through the south of England.

Located south of Bath, the abbey is enveloped with legends related to the Holy Grail, King Arthur and Queen Geneva. The truth is that now Glastonbury is a town where magic envelops all its streets and buildings, as it has become a place of residence and pilgrimage for those who are passionate about esotericism and mysticism. It is really a curious and surprising town, where you can see houses, monuments and shops that contain a great charm.


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