Discover The Two Great Models Of Carpet Cleaners By Miele!

Discover The Two Great Models Of Carpet Cleaners By Miele!

Miele S4210 Galaxy

It is available in a choice of three colors as white, blue and red. Its trademark Sealed System ensures that no dust particles can escape into the air and the unique designed dust bags help with the filtering. The newly designed vortex motor increases suction power and adds to the overall efficient function of this carpet cleaner. It has IntensiveCleanPlus dust bags. It comes with 7-year warranty on suction motor and 1-year warranty on non-wearing components.

It is a medium price ranged carpet cleaner and has got very good reviews and users state that it is highly efficient, if not more so, than much higher priced models. Many reviewers name it as the best canister vacuum carpet cleaner on the market. Those with thick carpets may prefer a cleaner with a beater brush, although one is available as an extra for this model.

Being lightweight, it can be used on stairs and even outside in the car without any problem. For hard floors and rugs, it performs extremely well, and its lightweight body moves easily across any surface. 1200 W motor is as powerful as one might expect, and it runs very quietly. One negative point is that the power cord is a little short compared to other models. For more detail, visit Comparoid.

Miele S7580 Bolero

It is recommended for any floor surface and can handle all piles of carpet, hard floors, curtains and upholstery. Its automatic motor setting will detect the surface being cleaned and respond to it accordingly, using as little or as much power as required. The electronic suction control allows the user to choose suction power between 200 W and 1200 W.

The Micro set and flexible crevice tool allow the user to clean the tightest corners and spaces. An elegant black body design encases a sturdy but lightweight carpet cleaner with LED headlights which provide optimum visibility. The HEPA filter lasts approximately a year, and the boxes of bags contain the other necessary filters.

Although it is fairly highly priced, this carpet cleaner received very good reviews, with most consumers considering it to be well worth the extra dollars paid. The automatic motor power setting appears to work extremely well with vacuum instantly adjusting to surface being cleaned.

The free Micro set and flexible crevice tool only add to the versatility of this efficient carpet cleaner. The pet owners are more than happy with the way it deals with pet hair and other animal debris like muddy footprints.

Miele also makes the Tango and Swing models, which are exactly the same carpet cleaner as Bolero, but with metallic paint which makes them more expensive. Overall, the users rate this vacuum carpet cleaner very highly and well worth the high price tag.


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