Discover Wrong Practices of Increasing YouTube Views to Stay Safe

Discover Wrong Practices of Increasing YouTube Views to Stay Safe

A huge view count on YouTube videos serves to recognize and highlight exceptional videos. As the display is so important, probably you will not surprise you that it has arisen an ecosystem of companies whose main goal is to help increase the number of views on Likes and subscribers one’s YouTube videos. However, paying one of these companies to increase the number of displays may violate the Terms of Service which YouTube has created to ensure that the views of any YouTube video are from real people and not form the bots. By the way, bot generated YouTube views are of not much as well from the point of view of generating business.

Such views generated by companies and third party services are not taken into account on YouTube and YouTube has the rights to take disciplinary action against such a channel or video in particular including removal of the video or account suspension.

What is a ‘legitimate view’?

A ‘View’ is an intentional reproduction of a video, where the main objective of the action is to see the video itself. In other words, this is a real human being who wants to watch a video, decide what he/she wants to see and acts in an according manner. We can understand a view as a metric that reflects a real interest by the real human users, and there is no estimate of how many people have ended up watching your video on YouTube mistakenly or unknowingly.

There are many strategies which are not allowed to increase the number of YouTube views. With such strategies, the services or businesses try to increase the number of YouTube views using automated sources or deceive the viewers in any way to watch a video which are totally unacceptable. Some of such strategies are as follows;

  • Buy YouTube views to third party sites, for example, pay 10 dollars in exchange for 10,000 views.
  • Deceptive designs on third party websites that confuse viewers to end up watching a video by clicking on page elements that, at first glance, have nothing to do with the video on YouTube.
  • Use of distribution pop which opens a new window below the current window.
  • Redirects takes place when there is an unwanted change in the URL which directs the viewer to a new page while clicking leading to YouTube videos.

If you decide to buy YouTube views to promote your YouTube videos, you are actually blindly trusting that company or person, since you are putting the fate of your channel as well as your business on YouTube in someone else’s hands. Therefore, you must investigate the ways about the ways before finalizing the deal to avoid any unwanted situation.

YouTube is a website which users can view, share, and upload the video.

If you want to grow your brand channel on YouTube. Nowadays YouTube is one of the best ways that can be used in order to increase your popularity among the people, as this way not only you can target specific audience related to your product, but can also get organic likes and subscribers. This all can only happen if you are putting effort in your work.

There are many different ways through which you can get views and likes and get your channel popular.

  • First of all, it is very important that you should create your channel on YouTube, verifying it is also important. It will show your viewers that you are an original brand which will ultimately increase your worth.
  • The channel should deliver important yet attractive content about your brand people such as you can introduce your brand in a video, and advertise your product in another one. Make sure that you engage people in different styles every time you are uploading a new video. If you only stick to advertising your product, people will get bored of you sooner.
  • You can choose to create some Q/A videos every now and then along with making some contests for your subscribers.
  • Arranging some giveaways of your brand is also a good way to attract more customers as it will make people share your video on their other social media accounts. We all know that people love giveaways when it comes to knowing about a brand. You can also offer them free samples for test.
  • You must keep uploading videos every week in order to let your customers know the value of them and to show them that the brand matters for you. You can only get more customers once you start putting your good efforts in as it will develop a good customer relation.
  • You have to share your YouTube content on the other social media sites as well and it will make people more interested in seeing your channel, and the other benefit is that you get organic traffic through social media.

You can also increase the views as the best thing about buying YouTube views, likes, and subscriber is that you get the top ranking on the site. With the help of little bit of keyword research, your videos start getting popularity with the help of any given category of keyword. Videos on YouTube are considered important with the maximum number of views, likes, comments, subscribers, and rating.

Once you start getting few likes for your channel, you can choose to purchase the likes, views and even subscribers for your brand. This can only happen if you have an updated channel with enough videos that can entertan and engage the customers at once. With all this you can also buy YouTube views and likes separately, as with this you can also increase the number of subscribers.


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