Do-It-Yourself Christmas Decorations

Do-It-Yourself Christmas Decorations

To decorate the house for Christmas is a tradition in most parts of the world and if you enjoy it, you can prepare your home with even more fun making your own decorations. Not only will you give your personality and creativity to Christmas decorations, but you can also save money and include your family in this activity.

Tree of Pineapples

For a simple and inexpensive decoration, use pinecones to create a Christmas tree. These can be collected in the vicinity of your house, or you can buy them at craft stores.

For pineapples to remain in place, use a heat gun silicone or other strong glue. Use a base, and paste pineapples as the will accommodate. When the tree is dry, you can paint it red or green color with spray paint or you can just leave it natural.

Christmas Wreath of Balls

If you have lots of Christmas balls, do not hesitate to use them to create other decorations. A wreath of Christmas balls, for example, is a creative way to welcome your guests in the front door and you can also use the wreath inside your home.

Circle a wire of the size you want to be of the wreath as a base and then thread balls on wire, hitting more about a glue gun to complete the wreath. To hang it, use a tape that matches the color of Christmas balls.

Pineapples for Doors

Another simple decor you can do is accented with pine cones to decorate the doors of your rooms. Simply stick a tape to a pineapple, make a knot and hang on wherever you like.

To keep the Christmas decorations, choose a red or green ribbon, although you can use the color that matches your decor.

Pictures for the Christmas Tree

Make your Christmas tree remind you of all your loved ones with this decoration. You can include photos of your children, close family, friends, family who live far away, ancestors and other important people in your life.

For ornaments, it can last you for many Christmases, using thick cardboard base. Cut into shapes such as circle, rectangle or star and then paint it with your favorite color, adding decorations that you like such as circles or stripes of another color. Finally, paste a picture of someone important. You can also get the ornaments laminated to last for many years.

Felt Ornaments

For fun, colorful and safe for the Christmas tree decoration, make this craft felt. You can use different colors and styles. Be creative by using different materials to finish the ornament.


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