Do you know about Seo Services the Woodlands?

Do you know about Seo Services the Woodlands?

Search Engine Optimization Goals

  • Bringing the technical condition of the site in accordance with the requirements of search engines.
  • Collecting the most complete semantic core for the resource and working to improve the visibility of the site for key queries.
  • Indexing as many important pages of the site as possible by search engines.
  • Getting the resource into the TOP -10 (ideally – TOP1 – 3) of organic issuance for conversion key phrases in the promotion region.
  • Increasing search traffic to target sections of the site, working to increase its conversion.

Stages of search engine optimization

  1. It is wise to involve an seo services the woodlands specialist at the design stage of a new site. Then its structure will meet the needs of users and will attract a large number of transitions from search engines.
  2. If you have to work on an existing resource, site optimization is preceded by a mandatory audit, which contains a list of SEO tasks and a plan for their implementation.
  3. Before starting work, it is necessary to approve the SEO promotion strategy, determine KPIs and the timing of their achievement.
  4. Work on search promotion begins with internal optimization. If we talk about a new resource, from 2 to 3 months, external optimization tasks are gradually added. On a site with a history, work on internal and external optimization is carried out in parallel.
  5. This is a short list of works.

On-page (internal) optimization:

  • Collection and clustering of the semantic core.
  • Distribution of key queries by pages, recommendations for improving the structure of the site in accordance with the semantic core.
  • Formation and editing of robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.
  • Working with meta tags – filling, editing, creating templates: title, description, alt, h1 – h4.
  • Audit, editing and creation of content (texts, images, videos). TOR for copywriters is formed on the basis of a clustered semantic core (each cluster has its own landing page), taking into account LSI phrases, acceptance and editing.
  • Technical audit, validation and correction of code errors.
  • Increasing site loading speed.
  • Ensuring cross-browser compatibility of the resource and adapting it to mobile devices.
  • Implementation of semantic markup and micro formats.
  • Usability optimization based on data from analytics systems and competitor analysis.
  • Introduction of internal linking as an important usability factor. In addition, internal links increase the weight of promoted product pages, directing traffic to them from informational ones that are promoted by low-frequency queries.
  • Search and elimination of broken links on the site and duplicate pages in the index.
  • Optimized for voice search.
  • Working with data from analytics systems and adjusting the promotion strategy.
  • Work with recommendations to improve the site in Yandex.Webmaster and Google Search Console.
  • Competitor analysis in SERP.

External site optimization:

  • Registration of a resource in industry thematic catalogs, on trust portals.
  • Registration and filling out a profile in Yandex.Directory and Google My Business. This will help you find a company on Yandex and Google maps and will give priority in issuing sorcerers.
  • Site participation in all possible search engine services (Yandex.Zen, Yandex.Market, Yandex.Znatoki, and Google Merchant Center).
  • Competitor link profile analysis.
  • Building natural links with the help of crowd marketing, guest articles, expert materials on trust sites.

Color division of SEO-optimization

In accordance with the techniques used in the process of website promotion, optimization is divided into white, gray and black.

White optimization

White hat SEO involves the use of optimization methods that are approved by search engines. It is based on work on improving the quality of the site, improving its content and usability, focusing on solving the user’s problem. White methods include following the recommendations of search engines, increasing the link mass by natural methods, working to increase brand awareness on the network.

Modern seo services the woodlands is impossible without interaction with other areas of Internet marketing: contextual advertising, content marketing, SERM, SMM. An important part of the work of the optimizer is constant self-education, the introduction of new optimization methods, analysis of changes in search engine algorithms.

Gray methods of promotion

  • Gray methods include:
  • Setting a large number of backlinks using exchanges without a link strategy;
  • Use of satellite sites ;
  • Cheating behavioral factors manually or using services;
  • Buying reviews and posts on forums mentioning the brand;
  • The use of texts on the site with a high density of keywords.

Gray promotion methods can lead to search engine filters.

Black hat methods in SEO

Black SEO is the manipulation of search engines in order to promote a resource to the top of the issue. PBN networks, doorways, hidden text, cloaking, bulk link buying were widely used by SEOs in the early 2000s. Now this can give a short-term effect, but with the improvement in the quality of search algorithms, it inevitably leads to sanctions and a ban.


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