Effective Ways to Kill Roaches

Effective Ways to Kill Roaches

Although there is a variety of brands of insecticides available in markets that are effective for roach elimination, it usually takes more than just one treatment to fully exterminate these filthy roaches. The best cockroach elimination program makes use of a combination of roaches baits and insecticides as well as eliminating the sources of their food and water. The professional roach exterminators make spray potent pesticides to kill the roaches and apply insect growth regulators to prevent the infestation in future.

Total roach elimination can be achieved by spraying insecticides on or near their breeding areas. The residual sprays may kill roaches on contact, but baits and granular pesticides strategically placed near their nests have a higher possibility of reaching the most number of roaches.

If you choose to hire a professional exterminator, he or she will usually first determine where the pests are nesting. Although the kitchen is the most obvious place to look first, the bathrooms can be a good hiding place for the roaches. In buildings that are heavily infested with roaches, practically every room is a potential nesting site.

As an integral part of the roach elimination, the dust insecticide is carefully sprinkled on the dry areas like inside cupboards and cabinets, and even holes in the wall. The roaches that crawl through the dust will be covered in it.

Some of the dust will be ingested by the insect, thereby killing it. In damp or wet areas like the bathroom, sinks, and laundry room, a water-resistant formula is used. Water-resistant treatments are commonly non-residual, so this means that the constant reapplication needs to be done until all of the roach are killed.

To make sure that there is total roach elimination, the cockroach baits need to be set up along with the use of spray or granular insecticides. The bait stations are like small structures with several holes through which the roaches can enter to get to the food source, which is placed inside the station. The gel baits are appropriate for trapping roach that crawl on the ceilings, walls, floors, and even pipes.

To make sure that roaches do not come crawling into your home, sprinkle outdoor granular insecticide around the house’s exterior. The outdoor baits still retain their affectivity even after the constant exposure to heat and rain. You can have a look at the reviews on the best roach killer as well before you buy any product for this purpose.

The roaches are undoubtedly one of the most disgusting pests that any apartment dweller can encounter. The roaches are filthy and germ-carrying creatures that simply do not have a place in your apartment. Most of us know what roaches look like, but to those of you who are not quite sure whether your pest infestation is roaches or not, here is a brief description of what they look like, all depending on the specie;

  • They are usually dark brown, reddish, or beige in color.
  • Most of the species are between 1 and 1 and a half inches long.
  • Their wings are like a smooth shield that looks pointed toward the end.
  • They have two thin antennae on the head.
  • They crawl on six angular legs that have tiny and spiky protrusions.
  • They, unfortunately, can fly, though they are usually seen crawling.

The roaches usually search for food during the night time, so if you see one or two during the day, then it is most likely that you have a roach infestation in your apartment for sure. The roaches usually exist in places where there is plenty of food and water supply. The crumbs and spills easily attract these creatures. To get rid of the, you start by removing their food and water supply.

The roaches hate clean environments!

The roach control may be a bit harder for apartment dwellers than the home owners. They say that to get rid of the roaches, you must live in a clean environment. Even if you are a neat freak, if your next-door neighbor does not know how to clean his or her place, it is likely that you are not just sharing an apartment building, you are sharing the pests as well. Once you have confirmed that you have roach infestation, you should contact the management right away without delaying for even a single second. They need to be informed of the problem at the very least. Better yet, the management can contact a professional exterminator to exterminate the roaches for you.

Methods to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Apartment

1 – Roach Traps

These are considered to be ineffective ways to fully exterminate the roaches for the reason that they kill only the pests that come in contact.

2 – Poison

It is a more effective method; the roach poison comes in the form of sprays or granules that can be applied on or near areas where roaches live. To exterminate roaches completely, it is better to hire the services of a professional exterminator as they have access to more powerful insecticides.


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