Exercise – An Important Ally in Your Weight Loss Plan

Exercise – An Important Ally in Your Weight Loss Plan

To lose weight, you have to change your eating habits i.e. lower the intake of carbohydrate, eat proteins from lean meats, poultry, fish, soy, eat fruits and vegetables, eat several times a day, and eat more carbohydrates in the morning than in the afternoon. If you have lowered the amount of calories you used to eat in, say, about 500 calories, you will probably notice a significant change in your figure within a month and you are definitely on the right track. If you really want to lose weight fast and achieve excellent physical shape, it is optimal to exercise. But beware and do not think that exercise replaces the diet because it only complements it. If you have to choose between diet and exercise, choose diet. And if you choose both, diet and exercise, there is nothing that can stop you to achieve your weight loss goal.


Once you are able to see yourself thinner, even a few kilos, less abdomen and thinner waistline, it is time to rack in a gym and start a workout routine. It is not necessary that you train for a tournament, so a simple exercise routine three times a week will suffice for your weight loss. Remember that exercise will make you hungry because your metabolism will ask for more fuel to fulfill the tasks you give it to perform. That is when you must stick with your diet and avoid overeating or taking carbohydrates. Always have handy snacks of fruits, vegetables or yogurt for times when hunger attacks you.

Do exercises with weights

If you are willing to go to a gym, do not waste the opportunity to do exercise with weights. These exercise not only shape your body in a way that aerobics cannot replace, but also create some muscle mass; women do not to be scared because they will not become muscular monsters as it is minimal muscle mass. The metabolism works faster making it more difficult for the body to execute the task of accumulating fat. The diet come from doing more exercise with weights is the perfect combination to lose weight, maintain and improve your physique. Remember that three times a week is enough.

Do aerobic exercises

We recommend doing aerobic exercises after your workout with weights. It happens that the body uses as fuel in the first instance your reserves of glycogen. Once it is out, it will draw the excess muscle. If there is no excess muscle, according to how your nervous system judges your activity (if you do weight-bearing exercise regularly, your brain decrees that your muscle mass must be maintained), only then it will draw your fat reservations. Remember the order as glycogen (from carbohydrates), then excess muscle, then fat reserves.


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