FAQs Asked to the Hydroponic System Sellers about Issues & Delivery

FAQs Asked to the Hydroponic System Sellers about Issues & Delivery

What happens if the plants don’t grow in my hydroponics systems?

If you are experiencing problems with your plants, and you have not purchased a grow tent kit and organic seeds, it might be challenging to determine the exact issue, but not impossible. There could be a variety of issues going on from lighting to grow nutrients, water flow, ventilation, temperate, seed selection and they type of growing.

If you have purchased your indoor hydroponic system from a reputable dealer, you will have customer support that will help you narrow down the problem by process of elimination. However, if you purchase it and equip it yourself with fans, lighting and a grow system, which you can do, you run the risk of not obtaining the highest possible results and yields. It is believed that the experts know what they are doing and recommend, at least if you are new to this, purchase a complete hydroponics system kit in order to enjoy the best possible harvest all year long.

How long will it take to get my order?

This will depend on where you are located in relation to our warehouse and how fast you want it. All this will be established at your time of purchase. You will always have the option for faster shipping, if you are willing to pay the additional fees. It will also depend if what you order is in stock or not. Typically, it will take about week by ground transport from one coast to the other and varying times in between. Some of our vendors offer free shipping from time to time so keep a look out for that.

If I need to return an item, do I need a return authorization number for it?

Yes, please contact the returns department as noted on every item you purchase in order to obtain a return authorization number.
The seller wants to make sure that you find the best option for a safe return.

How long does it take to receive credit on return items?

Once the product is received in the manufacturer’s warehouse and is cleared for a refund based on the original agreement with the vendor, it could take up to 2 weeks from the time it is received. However, most often it will be sooner.

Who provides the warranty on an item?

The warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the hydroponic systems.

Nothing gives more life to the decoration of our home than a plant. To use plants inside the house not only helps us to breathe cleaner air, but also adds life and color to our rooms, the bathroom or kitchen.

But even with all its benefits, many people think that having plants inside the home means bringing garden problems into the house. And one of the elements they fear the most is the soil. In part, it is understandable since it is difficult to know if inside the substrate there are insects, larvae, lizard eggs, fungi, etc.

There is really no reason to fear the soil or any of these little visitors if they appear. But for those who still find it difficult to bring the containers and pots with soil inside the house, I tell you that there is a good alternative. Instead of using soil, let the plants float and grow in water and you can do it with a hydroponic system.

Although the hydroponic system have existed for centuries, they are back in fashion. A hydroponic system is simply a way of growing plants, vegetables or herbs using water as a base. These systems can be created very simply or more complicated depending on their purpose you have in mind. To explain the basic concept, here I will only talk about the simplest forms and how to use this type of system inside your houses.

The Basic Concept of Hydroponic System

In order to understand this type of system, you do not have to take an advanced course of agronomy. The basic concept is very simple, so here I go with a very basic explanation so that you do not lose the chance to take advantage of this useful system to grow plants of aromatic flowers, vegetables and fruits.

All of us know that the plants are fed through the roots and they absorb water that is in the substrate. And the water is loaded with nutrients that have been diluted through the soil such as potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, etc. Therefore, the substrate is simply a means to hold the water and spend the nutrients by the plants to be absorbed. This medium or substrate has two main purposes. One is to support the plant so that it grows and does not fall on its side and the other one is to pass the nutrients to the water and the plant absorb them.

Now the basis of the hydroponic system is to accelerate the way the plants receive their food for the reason that it does not have to pass through the substrate. It reaches them directly from the water, and therefore a better absorption is obtained. I hope I have not confused the concept and you have got a clear idea of how hydroponic system works and why its produce is healthier. You can take look at TheReviewGurus for the best hydroponic systems.


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