Gestures That Wipe Off Discrimination Against People With Mental Issues

Gestures That Wipe Off Discrimination Against People With Mental Issues

Individuals who struggle with a psychological illness often have to face humiliating and debilitating circumstances. Due to the stigmatization of mental health issues, people often make hurtful and insensitive remarks about individuals suffering from mental disorders. This kind of behavior often prevents people from talking about their mental health and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Discrimination against people with mental disorders is quite prevalent due to misconceptions and lack of awareness. The misunderstandings and negative environment can further affect their personal and professional life.

However, adequate support and guidance from the partner, family, friends, and health experts can play a critical part in the recuperation of people suffering from a mental disorder. Little gestures like listening to them, keeping in touch, or showing care for them can go a long way in helping distressed people. Here are some ways by which people can be discouraged from making disparaging and insensitive remarks toward those living with a mental illness:

Judicious use of words

Words like crazy, insane, psycho, etc., can evoke a negative feeling about people grappling with a mental disorder. While approaching such people, one is recommended to use words judiciously to avoid triggering stress and jitters in them.

Correcting people

When someone utters indifferent statements or insensitive comments about mental health, it is necessary to correct him or her sensitively by reminding him or her that mental illness is not a character flaw; instead, it is just a disease like other illnesses such as fever, jaundice, etc. Like any other physical illness, it can be treated with patience and proper intervention.

Educating people

Due to a lack of awareness about psychiatric disorders, people tend to discriminate against or criticize people with mental problems. Therefore, it is important to spread awareness about various mental health issues like depression, anxiety disorders, etc. This should include increasing acquaintance with the symptoms and treatment options.


At times giving the cold shoulder to certain comments and views is always a better alternative. While most people blurt things without thinking, others just jabber to get a reaction and grab attention. Although quipping or retorting in a defensive manner can make a statement, it is always a better option to ignore the comments.

Support social integration of people with mental problems

Knowing about mental disorders and hearing out about the struggles of people who try their best to overcome mental health problems can help in overcoming the prejudices and negative views related to mental health issues. One of the effective ways to address the stigma attached to mental illness is by welcoming people with mental problems into one’s place of employment, neighborhood, family, friends, etc.

Being a highly misunderstood condition, people are often seen making insensitive statements about mental disorders. However, one can help wipe off stigma and discrimination by opening up a conversation about mental illness. People need to know that any form of mental illness is a serious issue and should not be ridiculed ever.

If you know someone suffering from mental health illnesses, take quick action and get in touch with a treatment center.


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