Gifts NOT to Give to Your Pregnant Partner on Valentine’s Day

Gifts NOT to Give to Your Pregnant Partner on Valentine’s Day

Deciding what to give to a pregnant woman on Valentine is a somewhat risky task. Before venturing into the world of shopping, products for women and female hormones, read this list of the worst gifts you can give to a pregnant woman. You will be surprised why some of these ideas, which are probably in your list, may have the opposite effect on the future mother of your baby.

1 – Undies

Yes, pregnant women can be sexy; in fact, they have a unique glow that makes them particularly attractive. But let’s face it, undies are often uncomfortable, and a pregnant woman has enough discomfort to handle it. The size is also a big risk and it is difficult to predict a reaction (you know the hormones of pregnancy, right?).

Now the idea is not disqualified if the pregnant woman in question shows interest or makes the initiative. The pregnant woman can decide in what she feels comfortable and what clothes make her feel sexy. It has to be her decision, not yours.

Remember that although the pregnancy sex itself is allowed in most cases, you should consider the risks, limitations and necessary care.

2 – Clothing after Pregnancy

The body of a pregnant woman changes in many ways, and the process of losing weight after pregnancy is gradual and sometimes quite slow. It may take a few months before she returns to her pre-pregnancy size, or maybe never will due to the change in her bone structure. Postpartum and its adjustment with each garment in her closet and if it does not fit, it is a frustration for women, and believe me, you would not want to be a part of that negative sentiment.

3 – Baby Goods

A diaper bag may be the worst Valentine’s Day gift you give to a pregnant woman. The last day of love before becoming parents should be an occasion to celebrate with family.

There is one exception to this rule; the baby-related items that have sentimental value. For example, if you have an image of the first ultrasound and frame it with an inscription on the new family or how happy you feel because she is the mother of your baby. A gesture of this type can also move her to tears.

Last Words

If you are totally confused being in mind-boggling state, you can find a great range of ideas and Valentine Day Gifts for Girlfriend here.


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