Helpful Tips to Make Purchase of the Best Long Range Scope

Helpful Tips to Make Purchase of the Best Long Range Scope

There is no doubt that you cannot play any trick when it is about long range scope, as the best for you will deliver the best shooting. So, choose wisely. The best thing I have ever done when I am willing to buy a new long range scope is that I go through different websites, see the reviews and then choose one according to the features I have on my mind. So I would say that make a rough list of all those features that you want in your long rage scope and then shop. Here I have complied a few important points.

Illuminated Reticles

In illuminated reticles there is one red light function which points on the target through which it more clear to point the object in dawn or dusk. Illuminated scopes have one extra battery and knob which added weight to the rifles and while target it is good if the weight of rifle is less. It is not that much necessary to go through these illuminated reticle scopes as they are costly.

Perfect Object Lens Size

Large objective size lens are good for targeting, it gives clear target with bright images. Larger the lens are more the light will be in the scope with clear image. But larger objective lens needs larger rings and larger mounting blocks.

Is your large range scope perfect for the target?

Long range scopes vary in functions. If your target is near you don’t need any high magnification power lens. If the target is further then one must need best quality magnification power lens. Magnification ranges from 3 to 10x or above. Keep in mind with more magnification power lens the chances of losing the target are less. So, it is just waste of money on buying low magnification power lens.

Adjustment Power

  • MOA and MRD are two different ways through which scopes are adjusted.
  • MOA or Minutes of Angel is 1/60TH of angular degree. The range in this is measured in inches and yards.
  • MRAD or mil radian is 1/1000th of a radian. In this scope system the range is measured in meters and centimeters means 3.6 inches at 100 yards. It is simple adjustment, but it becomes complex while adjusting ranges at more than three hundred yards.
  • Both are good in functions only what matters is in which system you are good, either in inches or centimeters.  Matching of reticles and turrets is necessary and avoid their mixing with each other. If the reticle is MOA the turrets must be MOA and vice versa.

Does your scope has high eye relief function?

Eye relief means distance of head from the scope which is about four inches in common in long range scopes. Now you can visit TheReviewGurus and buy the best one you like. To make it easy, here is a recommendation for you.

Night Force ATACR -1

It is good for long range scope with easy settings to navigate all twenty magnification features of it. It is semi-automatic scope.  It has varieties in reticles which are from simple reticles to complex ones, and it depends upon the shooter or targets which reticle they are using. It has best quality of optic range which are available worldwide.

  • Internal adjustment: Elev- 89MOA/26 MIL, Wind-60MOA/ 18MIL
  • Magnification: 5x-25x
  • Reticle: G2B Mil Dot
  • Field Of View: @ 100 yards: 18.7 – 4.92 feet
  • Objective size: 56mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.35-3.54 inches
  • Weight: 38 oz
  • Length: 15.37 inches

Here, in my this article, I am helping you make your choice for the long range scope, as there are so many brands and models in the market making it difficult for you to make a choice. So here I am for your help. When we are talking about the long range scopes, the game literally changes, as when it exceeds 400 yards, you know you are going to have some fun time.

Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24×50 Riflescope with VMR-1

Vortex, a newer scope company has broken the rules, as now it has come up with new ideas that is totally amazing. This company is known very well that it introduces new features in its scopes every time there is a new release. It is priced 640 dollars, it comes with anti-fog technology that makes your best pal if you love in colder areas. The fog on glass can really shatter your experience of hunting.

Steiner M5Xi Military 5-25×56

If I had enough money that I could get every long range scope I liked, and this would be on my 2nd top priority. Now let me tell you why? It has specs that are included in the military tech pieces, and they are not advanced so you can not enjoy completely. With this long range scope you can shoot within 1000 plus range, which is surely a plus point that it has. It will cost you 3,700 dollars, and it is designed in order to save snipers life, with the minimum risk of backward motion when a shot is fired. With the features it provides the price is surely not something to bother about.


If you are willing to find one that will not go harsh on your wallet, then this is the only option you have. It has so many features that you may have never heard about. With all this it also makes the first scope better, as with this one you get so many options to experiment and learn to shot. All of the features on this one are super customizable so you get extra ease while using this one.

Ok guys, so there are my top picks, and I hope you will like them. If you are willing to know more about them, you can find more info at The Review Gurus and read reviews on the best long range scope which will surely help you make a better choice.


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