How To Choose A Gaming Mouse

How To Choose A Gaming Mouse

The current gaming hardware market offers unlimited mice options when it comes to enjoy gameplay at full with higher intensity movements and faster actions. We all like different games based on our moods and preferences. Similarly, selection of a gaming mouse is your personal decision based on individual preferences and desires. Gaming mice are available which not only offer programmable soft wares but also unlimited hardware options such as button layouts and palm or claw grip.Before choosing a mouse, try to consider a full understanding of your own preferences and needs based on your gameplay needs and personal preferences such as comfort and so on. Wide range availability of gaming mice also makes your choice difficult and confusing. So here are a few guidelines which may help your selection better:

  • First thing you should keep in mind is full knowledge of your manufacturer. Cyber space provides answers to all your questions. So make an informed research to know the seller and also pay attention to product reviews which give details about minutest of the functions of the product under consideration
  • Try to ask your friends and relatives who, like you are avid lovers of game playing. Personal experiences can teach you a lot in this regard. Ask your friends and fellows and get their advice based on their personal usage experience with a gaming mouse
  • Some people prefer calm grips while other claw grips. If you want a stronger palm grip, choose mice with larger sizes and rubberized finishing giving you a strong and steady hold. If you prefer claw grip, as with help of your fingertips, smaller mice with glossy finishing serve the best to get an ultimate gameplay.
  • Polling rate is the most necessary feature while choosing a gaming mouse. Polling rate is the ability of the mouse to get input and report it with a speed, which is measured in Hertz. Higher input leads to more and faster response. Normal mice have usually 125 Hz polling rate which means they report 125 inputs in one second. For gaming purposes, choose a mouse which has higher polling rate such as 250Hz, 500Hz or 1000Hz based on what response speed the game needs
  • Mice with normal sensitivity are considered the most optimal option for gaming purposes. Sensitivity is measured in DPI or CPI values. This value refers to the amount of motion of your hand on mouse to move cursor on the screen. High sensitivity mice move cursor longer even for a slight movement of hand. Too much sensitivity leads to lost control and inability to run other desktop applications. For first person shooter games, low sensitivity is desirable. In fast run games, higher sensitivity is required to perform faster actions.
  • Always choose a mouse with adjustable sensitivity settings. Such mice serve efficiently for dual purpose of game playing and normal usage. You can set mouse sensitivity higher for gameplay and lower when you have to run normal applications for everyday and normal usage purposes. Key board shortcuts help to choose sensitivity at desired rate.

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