How to Control Roaches Naturally and Organically?

How to Control Roaches Naturally and Organically?

I am absolutely appalled if I find roaches in my home, especially when it is being perfectly clean, but roaches are part and parcel of living in a hot climate. If you are anything like me, you may be looking for an alternative to poison for your roach control because the poisons are not 100% guaranteed to stop your roach problem and are very toxic for pets and children and those suffering from asthma and other upper respiratory problems. So armed with Google tips, advice, real life stories and old wives tales from friends, I started working through tons of ‘alternative’ remedies to take control of my roaches problem. Here I am listing some of the alternative approaches to help you deal with this issue.

Use of Tea Tree, Rosemary & Citronella Oils

These essential oils can be found in the local high street, health shop and often in your supermarket. You can also find these oils online at a million websites, so they are easy to purchase. Take these oils and mix them together with water. A few drops of each should be sufficient, depending on the size of your bottle. Fill up a spray bottle with the mixture and target cockroaches directly. Not only will the oils keep the roaches away but will kill a roach on contact as well.

Baking Soda

You can also eliminate roaches with baking soda and it is also a product which is easy to purchase from your local supermarket or online. When roaches eat it, they fall victim of dehydration which lead to their death. You can place baking soda mixing it with some sugary item which will draw their attention. This is an effective alternative remedy.

Keep Switching Your Alternative Remedies

Roaches are extremely frustrating and can be difficult to get rid of. Make sure to keep replacing any of the alternative methods you choose and keep your house clean. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to see any difference, but be patient! Your efforts will pay off and eventually you will be roach free by using natural, chemical free alternatives and eventually you will find a solution which works best for you.

Electronic Cockroach Control

You can also use electronic pest repeller device which works simply by plugging it in to a plug socket. With no poisons, no traps, no insecticides, no chemicals and no herbs, this approach is safe for pets and children. It works in a unique way by simply repelling cockroaches as it produces ultrasound waves with the help of Electro-Vibrawave Technology. It pulsates vibrations directly through the wiring in your home and this creates a huge pest-repelling field. It also emits an ultrasonic alarm which simply drives pests out by creating a hostile environment. The other thing it has is Ionic Technology which removes pollutants from air and gets rid of dustmites and food odors which attract roaches into your home. I would suggest placing one in each room for maximum effect. It really does work and it feels good to know that your home will be chemical-free. Visit The Review Gurus for more ideas to kill roaches with ease.

In this article, I will explain the best way of getting rid of the roach infestation and also preventing them from infesting your house again. Getting rid of roach infestation sounds difficult to do but with the right steps you can get rid of them easily. If you are not sure whether your house is infested with roaches, you will then have to spot for the signs of infestation in your house. The time when roaches crawl out from their hiding place is of night in general, so check your kitchen at night to see if there are any roaches crawling around. If there is roach infestation, you will likely to see them crawling around your house daily.

The next look you do is to look for the roach droppings which look like cylindrical shape and are black or brown in color. If you spot any of, it be sure you clean it up fast because it is harmful especially if your kids are around. You also have to check your cupboard or any hiding place to find if there are any egg cases. In case you find egg cases, you can most likely assume that roaches have infested. Besides egg cases, the roaches shed their skin often as they mature.

First thing to do when your house is infested by roaches is to clean the mess around and in your house. Make sure you empty the rubbish and sweep the floor after you clean up the mess. If your house smells or feels humid, open the windows and the door to let fresh air flow in. Clean up any place that has lots of stuff, for example, your cupboards. You should not waste your money to consult any pest terminator. Follow the steps I mention and I can assure you that your house will be far away from becoming an infestation place for roaches in one condition, clean your house often.

The roach infestation is one of the worst things to happen if you are worried about your family hygiene. Preventing them can be simple as reading and also can be hard as writing. Always remember to keep your house clean. The reason why roach infest your house is that your house is dirty, simple as that. Other factors maybe you didn’t empty the garbage can and smell of last night food is lay off on the basin.

I hope this will help you and remember to leave a comment if you have doubted on anything that I have written and you want to add some more idea in this piece of information. And you can click here for more information.


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