How To Distinguish The Original Daniel Wellington Watch?

How To Distinguish The Original Daniel Wellington Watch?

In this post, we will learn to differentiate an original Daniel Wellington watch, with these little tips that will be of great help, even more if you make your purchase online. Daniel Wellington, being one of the most prestigious firms around the world, is also the most desired to be plagiarized, therefore, sometimes it becomes a difficult situation to get any of its accessories, including  Daniel Wellington watches as they transmit elegance and style and therefore, your personality is the one that takes center stage. It is for this reason that people can easily be deceived and do not know it. is one of the online watch stores in Dubai that offers authentic doll pieces so that each of your purchases is accurate, genuine and of course, you feel comfortable with the investment you are making in you. We will give you some tips and 5 key points that you must keep in mind so that you know how to identify your Daniel Wellington watch and do not fall for fakes. Pay attention and take note!

Model Number

Check that the model number on the watch on the back of the box matches the number of the model you purchased. Sometimes, when serial fakes are made and this causes the same serial number to be saved to save costs. So, if you see that it has no coherence with one another, Suspicion! It can be a forgery and your watch will not be authentic

The Logo

In the original watches, the name of the signature Daniel Wellington will always be written in uppercase and will have a certain separation between each letter and of course, it will not have a trace of glue. The fakes do not respect these small details because of this, false watches may show a trace of glue inside the dial, on the strap or in the back. Additionally, the letters can be noticed much separated or more stuck than normal or not all capitalized.


At this point you can determine if you are in front of a counterfeit or a watch for men or an authentic women’s watch because the weight will help you discover it. Daniel Wellington pieces are always made of polished brass or steel which allows you to notice that they are robust and have a certain weight. An imitation will not spend so much in choosing this type of material and in your hands you will feel less weight.


Authentic signature must always be presented in its official packaging Never otherwise! If you see that your box is not engraved with the Daniel Wellington in capital letters and the serial number on the back, you doubt! Because it is not a true piece


Fundamental! Pay attention why. The genuine Daniel Wellington watch will always come with your guarantee, in case you purchased it from a watch store in Colombia and it is online, you must make sure that it has been sealed so that you can use the guarantee in case that the accessory does not work correctly and request some arrangement. If it is not sealed, you will lose many of your rights. Be careful with this!

At, we offer you watches with all the authenticity and the sufficient security so that you make of your purchases the most successful and genuine ones. Check your model and acquire your original piece today. Please, visit for Daniel Wellington Dubai mall.


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