How to Hack Instagram Password Using Social Engineering Technique?

How to Hack Instagram Password Using Social Engineering Technique?

I want this to be clear that the technique most often used by hackers is that they incite the victim to hack Instagram password. The one who wants to hack is the one who ends up being hacked, curious, right? The hacker will make you believe that doing something they ask you will get the password of any Instagram account toy like. This is called social engineering and it means that the hacker manipulates people to achieve the goal he want. What comes to pass here is that the hacker manipulates you to do some action against your will or without you knowing and will get your data.

To hack Instagram password, you have to work out an attack plan. It was a very effective technique of social engineering where the goal was to hack Hotmail’s email accounts. It was a good technique and best of all that it was very easy to carry out, since you would not need any previous training in hacking. The first thing to do is create a scenario where everything you say has to be credible in the eyes of the victims. You have to believe that you are a security expert, and so you have to present yourself to others so confidently that they believe you.

Publish Your Services in Forums

As a general rule, the hacker publishes that he is offering his services in many internet forums, especially hacking forums, in this way, everything will be more credible. You may make a post something like the following;

“Hello, I am a computer engineer and I have worked for many important companies conducting security audits … bla, bla, bla…

I have ample knowledge of exploits and unknown bugs and I have the capacity to deal with bla, bla, bla…

I can hack Instagram password of any user with a 75% success rate …. bla, bla, bla…

I offer my services for $20 only. If in any case, I cannot find the password, I’ll give you all the money back …. bla, bla, bla…

As you are checking out, the evil hacker has created a non-real character, but that is very credible to people who do not know him or have no computer skills and majority of internet users are not much skilled at computer skills. When he has done all this on various networks, now the only thing left for the hacker is to wait for some send emails with request of his services to hack Instagram password.

When someone contacts the hacker, he usually responds with the following message or very similar to it;

“Hi xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for contracting my services. To hack Instagram password of the person you want, you have to fill in the following information that I attached below. Once you do, I’ll send the exploit and get the credentials.”

This is where the hacker delicately includes a code with fields in which it says ‘Enter Your Username and Password’ and that will be the scam itself. As a result, the person who wanted to hack the account of a third party will have his own Instagram account hacked.

There are a lot of ways to hack private Instagram accounts such as phishing while there are quite a few apps available to hack the private accounts on Instagram. Now as you can know, hacking Instagram account is much easier than it looks and a hacker just needs a web hosting and domain to host a webpage that pretends to be the Instagram. It is very dangerous and the best advice I can give you is to always check the domain and the SSL certificate when you access a webpage like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter if you want to stay secure with your online accounts.

How do I avoid the hackers to hack private Instagram account of mine?

I urge that you carefully read below to see how you should proceed to protect a case of hacking in this social network.

  • You should always use the app on your smartphone. The best and safest way to not fall into phishing networks is that you do not access your Instagram account through the browser. You should always choose to open with the Instagram app whenever you want, and of course, you will have the official and updated application of Instagram.
  • Please, do not sign in with any else’s devices. To avoid hacking in your environment, you should try not to log in anything else other than your own mobile phone.
  • Please, beware of the applications that ask for your personal data. Many applications ask you to access your Instagram account to get functionalities such as know your horoscope, get new wallpapers, etc. Although they offer you what they promise, what these apps do is save your data to perform actions with your Instagram account. So if we have logged into any of them, you will realize in the future that there are likes and comments in your account which you have not made, and even you are following people that we have never requested to. This is one of the simplest techniques in the world to impersonate other users with the bait of a free functionality.

The moment you decide to make a profile online on the social networking site of Instagram, it is imperative that you read their terms of use and online safety measures so that you do not let anybody hack private Instagram account of yours in any way possible. I hope you find these guidelines useful and practical for the safety of your private Instagram account.


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