How to Manage a Community of Owners?

How to Manage a Community of Owners?

Managing a housing community has never been an easy task and there are now many communities that opt for hiring the services of the owners association management to perform this role. But it is also possible to carry on the management in an internal way, after constituting the community of owners as such. To do this, we want to offer some advice on how to manage a community of the owners in an easy way.

Steps to follow

The first step will be to establish the Community of Owners as such, that is, to carry out the necessary procedures to legalize and register it. To do this, it will be necessary to hold the first meeting with all homeowners, premises and other units of the independent occupation.

The positions of the Board of Owners will be established and an Act will be written with the agreements and statutes, approval of a budget, the legalization of the book of minutes and the obtaining of a NIF of the community will also be necessary. It is necessary to know that the legislation governing the Communities of Owners in your country.

In order to manage the already established Community of Owners, it will be fundamental that those people who have been granted a position exercise it in the best possible way and always with total transparency. It is important to keep in mind that the main objective of any community will be to defend the common interests of the property owners.

For this reason, it will be essential to keep the accounts of the Community up to date and that any of the owners can have access to the information of the same, as all documentation of the community will have to be centralized and accessible.

In the same way, it will be necessary to hold the periodic meetings, that is, to convene Boards of Owners, which may be of different types such as the following;

Board of Ordinary Owners must be convened at least once annually for the approval of budgets and accounts of the community.

Extraordinary Board of Owners and all others for any other reason that requires a call.

It is recommended to place a bulletin board in a community area to be able to place the notices of common and general interest to present the decisions taken at the Board together with the telephone of the services of the staircase and the contact of the members of the Board of Owners. It will also be very important for a proper management of all Community of Owners for the positions such as President, Vice President, Secretary and Administrator to rotate and alternate between all the owners on a regular basis.


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