How to Save Your Wi-Fi Password from Getting Hacked?

How to Save Your Wi-Fi Password from Getting Hacked?

The technology has been upgraded a lot in a very short span of time, and due to this, many primitive technologies are not today. An example of this is WiFi. In old times, people used to access Internet through cables and other methods, but these were not portable and often sets many limits. With the innovation if WiFi, people started using Internet through this wireless technology. But there are some disadvantages of WiFi. One most important disadvantage is that, if your WiFi connection is not password protected then it can be used by many other people in its range. This is a risk to your personal data. Moreover, the Wi-Fi password can also be hacked. A short review of how to prevent your WiFi from getting hacked is given below.

The basic set to prevent your WiFi from getting hacked is to set up a complex password of your network, which is difficult to crack. Never use your pet name or your birth date as your password. These things are easy to crack, and often result in your WiFi being hacked. After setting a complex password, never tell it to anyone except your closest ones. If a guest comes at your house and ask you for your WiFi password, do not tell him. This way your password will keep spreading on and on to others.

It is also recommended to hide the network’s SSID and also change disabled the WPS feature. Keep a pass key of 25 characters or long will be difficult to crack, In order to prevent your WiFi connection from hacking it is recommended to encrypt the network. There are several methods to encrypt the network signals, these includes WPA, WEP, and WPA2. Among these, WEP is the best encryption and is difficult to crack. This encryption is compatible with wider range devices. Whereas, WPA2 is most secure and is compatible with latest devices as well. To encrypt your wireless network go to the wireless security settings of the network, and select with security method you want to enable on your router. After this, enter a complex pass key that is difficult for others to crack. A combination of numbers, letters, and symbols helps set up a complex password.

Another way to secure your wireless network is to filter the MAC addresses of the network. MAC address should not be mixed up with an Apple Mac. Set up a unique MAC address of your network and on the devices connected with the network. It is also recommended to reduce to single range of your wireless network, set up a range with in which only your devices in home can be easily connected. This can reduce the risk of your network being hacked.

To conclude, the security of your wireless network is extremely important. If it is comprised, then it may be tough to handle, and it is also a risk to your personal data. However, it is easy to prevent your WiFi connection from hacking simply by following these simple precautions. Make sure you know more about wifi hack by visiting more sources.


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