How to Skip a Menstrual Period?

How to Skip a Menstrual Period?

Skipping a period is something that can be achieved with the help of birth control pills. When you have an event in your life that is very important, like a wedding, business trip, vacations, graduation, it helps to know how to stay safe, so you do not get your menstrual bleeding. You evaluate the significance of the event and whether it warrants your body that you do skip bleeding in certain menstrual cycle.

Instructions to Skip a Menstrual Period

If you are already taking care with oral contraceptive, you will find it very easy to achieve. Better process works if your pills are monophasic, meaning that each pill contains the same amount of estrogen and progestin; there are many brands available such as Yasmin, Microgynon, Microdiol, Gynovin, Cilest, Nordiol, Gynovin 20.

The first thing you notice is that despite being easier to ignore a rule, it is not recommended to be done frequently. Each country has different laws for the sale of contraceptives. If in your country you require a prescription, in consultation with your gynecologist, you plan to skip a period, ask what brand of contraceptive to use and if combination or single and let him/her guide you in the process. If in your country, birth control pills are counter (non-prescription medications), ask your pharmacist for options.

The Instructions

  • You will require two packages of birth control pills.
  • Active pills to be swallowed of the first package for the first three weeks and do not take the remaining pills from day 22 to 28.
  • It takes three weeks of active pills of the second pack.
  • When you take six weeks of taking active pills, begin with the reminder pills (or placebo) if your packages have it. In those days, you will reach your bleeding.
  • To reduce withdrawal symptoms and irregular bleeding, take only three or four of inactive tablets.

You see, it is simple to do, but it requires planning. You must consider the date of your event to start preparing at least three months before. No doctor will recommend you to do this frequently. It’s just a way to take advantage of advances in science to improve your lifestyle.

If you want to have fewer periods per year, it is your solution for consumption as Sesonale contraceptive, Seasonique or Lybrel. Check how they work and how substances interact. They make you have menstruation only three times a year. First, consult your gynecologist if this is a good choice for you. Whatever your intention is, whether you buy pills with or without a prescription, you should consult with your doctor or clinic about such situations. It is always best to have personalized attention from an expert.


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