How to Stop DDoS Attacks?

How to Stop DDoS Attacks?

Ever seen your website coming down instantly without any prior notification, well, most likely it is that you have given to the drastic increase in amounts of DDoS attacks in previous years. DDoS attack is caused by bombarding an IP with really a huge amount of traffic, in that way, the IP which is unable to handle so much traffic, goes down and the site is literally dried off the Internet.

Now, this is a very critical situation on a busy and important business day, how to reach out to your clients when they have absolutely no idea about your site and services, this situation causes great chaos and needs to be handled on urgent basis.

Now, one thing that you may have to realize is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this series of DDoS attacks. A number of Giant companies have suffered from this malicious attacks in the recent years and reports are numbering higher each day. Typically, while in a DDoS attack, the server goes down and the site is off Internet for as long as 19 hours, which is a huge deal for companies dealing in real time applications and services.

How to Prevent From DDoS Attack?

Well, there are several ways to do so, today we list here in this article some of the most useful ways to do so.

More Frequency of DDoS Attacks

So, first things first, what you need to realize is that these attacks which were considered rare back few years, are now commonplace and many huge companies including game production company Valve, Software Giant Microsoft have suffered from this. So, keeping your eyes close and assuming that it will never happen to you is a false call. You have to be prepared for DDoS attack, because it can happen anytime without warning.

Identify Early

Have you ever notice your site traffic being drastically increasing for some moments, be warned! This might be a DDoS attack, in case of which you cannot neglect even the slightest system, you have to consult your technical team and webmaster immediately if you notice any anomalies, failure to do so will result in your site going down and being infected by DDoS.

Overprovision Bandwidth

It is normally believed that having larger bandwidth will protect form a DDOS attack. The way this belief goes is that, having a bandwidth higher than the occasional demand of the server will not only allow more traffic in peak times but could also accommodate huge chunks of traffic in case of a DDoS attack and your server will be prevented from going down.

Notifying Your ISP Provider

This is a very important thing to remember. In case of a DDoS attack, notify your ISP provider immediately and seek their help. You must always keep emergency contact with your ISP provider and that contact should always be active and alive round the clock so that no serious damage is caused to you, and the problem is solved on urgent basis and early. Now, how do ISP providers help in this situation? One of the ways they can extend their help is to allowing a null route to incoming traffic, in this way all the traffic in form of packets that is coming to the server will be dropped before reaching the server. Hence, the server with manageable resources will be active and alive again.

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