How to Wear a Cool Tshirt Perfectly?

How to Wear a Cool Tshirt Perfectly?

The tshirt is one of the most versatile garments available, and can be used with virtually any type of clothing. Here are some tips on how to make stylish looks with a cool tshirt.

Since the tshirts are versatile that look good with virtually every type of look, they are the most preferable options. Whatever the style is, this piece of garment is always present in the wardrobe. Not for less, because it passes a little of your personality and taste. Through the tshirts, you can find out if a person has a sense of humor or has strange tastes. Anyway, they are the maximum, especially when used with a nice combination.

We prepare tips that you can use without fear when choosing a cool tshirt;

  • To give a change in the style of the tshirt, you can cut the sleeves, the buckle, or both, leaving it looking very beaten and at the same time comfortable.
  • If you want to personalize even more, apply tacks or other gadgets such as glazes, beads, ruffles, among others. What counts is to use creativity. But beware of the exaggeration!
  • As for the pieces that match them, there is only one word, ALL. That’s right, any piece can be worn along with a tshirt. From an old jeans shorts to an extremely elegant skirt. Tshirts have the power to leave the look with personality and style.
  • In the accessories, there is also no rule. You can use an ecobag up to a Hermès bag.
  • If you want to put on a good glam rock look, put on a black wet leggings, a white tshirt with a B & W print, a black leather jacket and an ankle boot. With that look, everyone will compliment you.
  • Another cool tip is to wear them inside shorts or high waist skirt and to complete the look, wear a blazer. This combination will give a renewed look.
  • Combining the tshirt with another part of the look can be a good idea to give a differentiated look. For example, a tshirt with the United States flag would look great with a shoe with the same pattern or similar, only red and white stripes, for example.
  • There are two basic rules to keep the ratio between tshirt and pants. If the pants are too tight, wear a looser tshirt and if the tshirt is too tight, opt for a more loose-fitting model, such as a straight seam or flare.

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