How To Wear A White Tshirt At Party, Night Out And Work?

How To Wear A White Tshirt At Party, Night Out And Work?

It is consensus that the most basic tshirt of any person’s wardrobe is the white t-shirt. What nobody knows is that you can use it at work, day-to-day and even at the night out. In basic or sophisticated settings, the white tshirt is a wild card on all occasions. The important thing is to pay attention to what you choose to set up the look. Jeans, leather, high waist, heeled shoes, coats and blazers are items that guide the style you are going to wear. Take a look at the tips below and get inspired by the stylish work from the night out to work with the white tshirt.

At Parties and Events

Look what we are talking about the red carpet level feast of Cannes, how did you Amber Heard use it once? The idea is to combine with long waist high waist skirts, and contrary to what one might resist the temptation to combine with very flashy accessories. It is that when choosing a tshirt for a more formal event, you automatically adopt a minimalist line and this is where the elegance of this look lies. Beauty, in turn, should come flawless to avoid any sort of connotation of relaxation.

At Night Outs

You might want to trade for a gray, black, rocker, but the white tshirt also has its charm in the night. The idea here is to work the proportions, so you are supposed to choose a tighter tshirt and use it with skirt of shape with high waist. The result is a sexy look and so modern. It works even with the loose haired one and attention to a simple trick of styling to bend the bar of the sleeves.

At Work

The challenge here is to incorporate it into a more formal look. The formula is simple that you can combine it with tailoring with more sophisticated materials such as leather. If you are in doubt, mount a look all white or join with a skirt, it will be elegance without error. It is easy to remember to avoid the transparent fabrics and prefer bald-necked tshirts.

What are the best fabrics for tshirt?

If you get away from the traditional cotton mesh, they no longer become that basic, but you can make an exception for rib and pima cotton. It also has hybrid fabrics, when the cotton gets the blend of some fiber that makes it softer, comfortable or cool.


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