How to Write a Resume with Impact?

How to Write a Resume with Impact?

A resume is a document that traces your career path, your skills, your training and everything that may be related to your professional personality. Some elements of your hobbies, for example, can bring a lot of information to a recruiter. To write your resume correctly, there is no miracle recipe.

Obviously, it is important to look after the presentation, to put all the important elements and to write well, here I will give you the important points in its drafting. To start, it should be clear, accurate, attract recruiter, give maximum information in very few lines and above all be personal and be adapted to each desired trade.

Be anti-chronological!

Always remember your last experience first, and go back in time as you continue reading.

Print, re-read and re-read

It is often more difficult to detect mistakes, such as spellings and layout, on a computer screen than on paper. In addition, the recruiters often print resumes in the same conditions to see clearly what they see. Do not hesitate to print your resume to read it again one last time. If possible, have someone else read it to make sure that there no errors remain in the resume.


Do not let your CV hang in the back of a folder on your computer, forgetting to update it to the slightest new experience. This advice is also valid for the resumes posted on sites such as LinkedIn since, in this case, they are visible at any time, and it is important that they reflect in real time your career.

Do not be eccentric!

Avoid hard-to-read and original fonts as well as flashy colors. Choose fonts such as Arial, Tahoma or Calibri and understated colors like blue or dark red.

The color must remain restricted only for the titles, for example. It is to a little brighten your resume, and not to make a work of art. In any case, put only one color and that is always visible even in black and white printing. The recruiters print much more often in black and white than in color.

Adapt your resume to the position you are looking for

Of course, if you are looking for a small job in a fast food while you are in law school, it is difficult to show your experience in the middle, especially if you have never touched the food. In this case, show that you are interested in your letter of motivation. After that it might be more appropriate to look for a small job in the area where you are doing your apprenticeship and then, if you still cannot find it, try a new job.

To better assist you in the writing of your resume, here we will offer you a few valuable pieces of advice to optimize your resume writing and avoid the errors.

Helpful Tips for Writing Your Resume

  • It must be written on A4 size white paper.
  • It must be typed on word and printed. It does not have to be handwritten.
  • It must not be dated or signed.
  • It does not need to bear the title, Curriculum Vitae.
  • It should preferably fit on one page, two maximum for seniors, with writing only on the front.
  • It must be sober. Avoid the colors, fancy fonts, and use a maximum of three different typefaces.
  • Take care of the layout and follow a logic in the presentation i.e. margins, text alignment and titles.
  • It must be concise. Make short and to the point sentences. The interview will be an opportunity to bring more details.
  • You must not lie about your age, the dates of your school or professional career, diplomas and the experience. It will be easy for the recruiter to verify your statements during the interview.
  • The photo you add must also stay sober. This is a photo ID in color or black and white. Avoid the fancy outfits and makeup to make it a professional photo. And do not forget to smile!
  • It must be glued on the resume or better scanned directly on the resume.
  • Finally, no misspelling or syntax is tolerated. Do not hesitate to have your resume read by other people.
  • Having carried out your studies or professional experience in the same region as the position you are applying for can be an advantage, as you already know the region and will have no trouble integrating with it.
  • If you did not graduate at the end of the year, mention only the level reached.
  • If the position you are applying for requires a specificity that you have, do not hesitate to put it forward in the title of your resume to immediately attract the attention of the recruiter. For example, years of experience or a particular skill.
  • Mention all the experiences that can add value as long as they are really meaningful. An internship abroad can be an argument of your autonomy, linguistic level and openness.

I hope these tips will help you write an impressive resume for sure.


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